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Masonry and Concrete Contractor Insurance can establish the groundwork for your business.

Obtaining insurance that aligns with your specific Contractor Insurance requirements and vulnerabilities is imperative. Adequate coverage should include protection against potential errors, liability issues, equipment damage, and commercial vehicle accidents.

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Contractor Liability

The construction industry carries inherent risks, mainly when working with concrete. These hazards necessitate liability coverage to protect against potential costs and legal responsibilities arising from injury or property damage resulting from business operations both on and off the premises. Commercial General Liability (CGL) covers daily business activities by providing financial support in the event of bodily injury or property damage claims filed by third parties due to negligence or accidents.

To illustrate, if a pedestrian were to trip and sustain injuries on a sidewalk being paved or repaired by your business, CGL could cover their medical expenses while offering defence funds should they take legal action against you.

Tools & Equipment

To safeguard yourself and your business, it is essential to have tool and equipment coverage. This type of coverage provides financial assistance for repairing or replacing damaged or stolen tools, regardless of whether they are at your place of business, a job site, or on the road.

From power and hand tools to safety gear and heavy equipment like bulldozers or cement mixers, concrete contractors must prioritize having this coverage in place.

Pollution Liability

Although not every construction project has a massive environmental impact, the liability for environmental damage is increasing. Failing to secure a construction site or install pipes correctly properly can result in extensive harm in the future.

Pollution liability insurance covers expenses related to clean-up, bodily injuries such as respiratory illnesses, and property damages like water damage caused by pollution or toxic substances generated during work on an insured construction site.

Commercial Auto

The appropriate Commercial Auto Insurance plan can protect you, your vehicle, and the transported items. As part of your work, you likely have vehicles specifically used for commercial purposes. This calls for a commercial auto policy, which differs from private-passenger car insurance policies in its coverage scope.

Commercial auto policies safeguard any vehicle used for transporting people, tools and equipment, and materials.

Disability Insurance

If you become unable to work due to injury or illness, disability coverage will provide a replacement for some of your income. This financial assistance will continue until you return to work or the benefit period expires. It can cover essential expenses such as mortgage payments, car payments, utilities, groceries, and more for you and your family.


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How much does Insurance cost for a concrete, paving and/or masonry business?

The cost of a concrete business insurance policy can vary based on several factors that insurance providers consider. These factors include the location of your business and the services it offers, your level of experience, the size of your team, the value and type of equipment you possess, your projected annual revenue, and your history of insurance claims.

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Why you need Errors and Omissions Coverage.

If your business involves design-build operations, there is a potential professional risk that may not be covered by your Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy. In the event of a project delay or financial harm caused by a professional error, clients may seek compensation from you. Contractors Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance is designed to address these situations and provide coverage for such claims.

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Do you have proper protection for your Landscaping Business?

In landscaping, whether tackling small residential projects or overseeing expansive commercial spaces, success comes from putting in long hours of physical labour and meticulous preparation. As spring approaches, landscaping businesses prepare for a bustling season dedicated to maintaining their clients’ properties. To safeguard your business, regardless of whether you operate a sizable landscaping company or work as an independent contractor, it is imperative to have insurance coverage in place.

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