Key Person Insurance

Every business has key employees whose death or injury could significantly impact the company’s financial future. You would have purchased commercial property insurance to protect your buildings and equipment, but don’t forget to adequately protect one of your most important business assets – your people. Want to connect with one of our advisors?


Key Person


Protect your Business with Insurance

If you or a key employee is suddenly unable to work, have insurance. It can help pay off business loans or provide you or your business partner with money to buy the other person’s share of the business if one of you is leaving.

Have an Exit Strategy

You may want to retire and pass on your business. That’s why it’s essential to have a plan to help with a smooth transition.

Leave a Legacy

Have a plan to help take care of loved ones that allows you to continue growing your wealth in a tax-efficient way. Have an estate plan ready to be easy to split fairly between family members. It’s essential to think about what will happen to your money and your family.

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