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Protect your hobby farm and your property with our Farm insurance.

Growing food and raising animals on an acreage property can be a rewarding hobby, but it’s also hard work. Our agricultural insurance protects your home and farm against unexpected losses.

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Farmer's Liability

The comprehensive farmer’s liability covers owned, rented, or leased land and property for personal and farming activities. It provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage from individual actions, farming operations, and volunteer liability.

Basic liability starts at $1 million and can go as high as $10 million. It is also the cheapest and most worthwhile coverage on your policy to purchase. Taking that combine out on a public road to get to the field? If it hits the power line, your liability coverage will shield you from the brunt of expenses.

Buildings & Contents

The insurance provider offers coverage for direct physical loss or damage to insured property that results from an insured peril. This coverage applies to farm buildings or structures, along with permanently attached fixtures and equipment that form a part of and pertain to the use of the building or structure on the farm premises.

Contents within the farm buildings or structures on the farm premises are also covered. This insurance applies to property that is usually to a farming operation owned or used by the policyholder and for which they are legally liable. We suggest reviewing the policy booklet wordings for the full list of covered perils, but some examples may be found are:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Smoke
  • Impact by Aircraft, Spacecraft or Land vehicle
  • Windstorm

Livestock Coverage

Your insurance provider will provide coverage for any direct physical loss or damage to your insured property resulting from an insured peril. This coverage applies to various classes of animals, including cattle, bison, swine, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, and other livestock as specified on your Cover Page. You must own the insured property for which you are legally responsible. Additionally, other animals not commonly referred to as domestic livestock but being raised on your farm premises for farming or pleasure purposes are also covered but must be specified on your Cover Page.

Ask us about the difference between a blanket and scheduling livestock.


Crop Input Coverage

Whether it’s your grains, oil seeds, pulse crops or feed and fodder, these commodities are essential to your farm’s income. Insuring them can save you from experiencing a significant financial setback in a claim. Commodity coverage can help protect you from an unexpected financial loss due to an insured peril.

Input coverage is for assets such as fertilizer, chemicals, and seeds essential to your crops’ success and your entire operation. In a claim like a fire, replacing these inputs could be pricey. With Input Coverage in place, your policy would respond so you won’t have to pay out of pocket.


Equipment Coverage

Your insurer will cover the cost of any direct physical loss or damage to the insured property resulting from an insured peril. The following items, for which a limit of insurance is indicated on your Cover Page, are covered:

a) Scheduled equipment, including mobile machinery, implements, or irrigation equipment, along with their attachments specifically described and listed on your Cover Page.

b) Blanket equipment, which includes (i) mobile machinery and implements, along with their attachments, and (ii) tools, which are independent devices, apparatuses, or instruments used for repair, construction, or maintenance.

The insured property must be usual to a farming operation, owned or used by you, and for which you are legally liable.


Loan Protection

Our Loan Protection coverage is not a one-size-fits-all style policy. Our personalized policies translate to better coverage and premiums that are, on average, 30-50% lower than traditional Creditor Insurance. We also allow you to lock in your rates, so you will not be faced with expensive increases down the road.

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Protect your passion project with Hobby Farm insurance.

Whether growing food for your family or looking to start a side hustle, your hobby farm deserves the right protection. Farm insurance can offer coverage for various activities, including beekeeping, raising livestock and more. Rest easy knowing that your passion project is safeguarded against unexpected events.

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Protect yourself from extra expenses with voluntary firefighting coverage.

Depending on your location, multiple voluntary firefighting departments may respond if a fire occurs on your land. Every voluntary fire department will send an invoice if they are called to help put out the fire on your land. Each department’s rates may differ, and you could see anywhere from $900 to $1200 charged as an hourly fee. It’s always important to contact your local RM or Municipal Office to find out if your taxes cover these charges or add voluntary firefighting to your policy.


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Find insurance near you, Saskatchewan.

With our network of local insurance providers, you can find insurance near you to fit your needs and budget. With over 100 years of experience working closely with the farming community, we understand the unique needs of your operations and can provide tailored coverage to protect. Find an office location near you today!


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Protect your passion and secure your future with Hobby Farm insurance. You’ll have additional financial support when you need it most.

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