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Stay Safe on the Road with Motorcycle Insurance.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting, having the right insurance coverage is essential. Don’t leave your motorbike vulnerable to accidents or theft.

Click on one of the below topics to unpack your Motorcycle Insurance:

Personal Liability

If you are accused or found responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage, you’ll want more than the basic $200,000 plate limit.

We highly recommend increasing your liability limit, especially for newer drivers, because statistically, new drivers may be at a higher risk of causing an accident.

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Storage Coverage

When your motorcycle is parked, even in your garage, there is no insurance if there are no active plates, but theft, vandalism, and other risks still exist, and your home insurance isn’t going to extend to protect your bike.

A motorcycle storage policy can help you cover your costs if something happens to your bike and protect you from any potential theft.



Coverage Options

Comprehensive coverage is for basically everything that isn’t a collision. These types of losses covered by this insurance include fire, theft, wind, hail and vandalism. Package policies let you have comprehensive deductibles as low as $50, so you still have coverage after you let your plates expire.

Did I mention it covers theft? Your homeowner’s policy will not respond if your bike is stolen from your property.

Restoration Coverage

It’s common for motorcycle owners to repair and restore their bikes. When your bike is in pieces, there is a chance your insurance may not protect it!

Motorcycle restoration coverage can help protect your bike and its parts from potential damage during unexpected moments such as theft or a storm. It can cover the cost of replacement parts, for example.

Reduced No Fault

Reduced No Fault is an injury benefits package that you have the option of opting into while you’re registering your motorcycle. This option is similar to the normal No Fault injury benefits you receive automatically as a Saskatchewan resident; it’s just reduced.

SGI gives motorcycle owners this reduced option so that they get lowered plate costs if they are okay with receiving decreasing benefits.

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Disability Insurance

Disability coverage replaces some of your income if you can’t work because of an injury or illness. This monetary benefit will continue until the benefit period ends or you return to work. It can help you and your family pay for necessary expenses like your mortgage, car payments, utilities, groceries, etc.

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In 2019, SGI saw 142 traffic collisions involving motorcycles.

Don’t take any chances regarding your safety on the road. With motorcycle insurance, you can ride with peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of an accident. And with statistics showing that accidents are more common than you may think, being prepared is essential. Get the protection you need today.

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What is reduced-no-fault injury coverage?

You can protect yourself without overspending on insurance premiums with reduced-no-fault injury coverage. You can opt into this injury benefits package while registering your motorcycle at an issuer’s office. This option provides a discount on your plate registration at the cost of lowering your coverage limits if you are injured while operating the motorcycle. Please see the resources below for a complete list of the coverage differences.

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Protect your Snowmobile and get back to the trails faster.

You live for the thrill of the ride, but accidents can happen anywhere. Protect your investment with insurance that is as invested in your adventures as you are. Let us help you get coverage for all your favourite winter rides, like snowmobiles and ski-doos. Ride with peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

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Don’t hit the road without proper coverage. Protect yourself and your motorcycle with the right insurance plan.

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