How to Save Money While Insuring Your Motorcycle

How to Save Money While Insuring Your Motorcycle

Let’s be honest… Saskatchewan weather is unpredictable. One day it’s sunny and +30, and then the next day is -2 and raining. This is just a fact of Saskatchewan life, and while we can’t control the weather, we can control how long we plate our motorcycles.

Motorcycle registration costs aren’t cheap, (and let’s be honest, they’re probably not decreasing anytime soon) but at least you have options! You don’t have to plate your motorcycle all year long to make sure it is covered. You can Plate, Permit, or Policy it!


In order to drive your motorcycle on the road you must have an active registration on it. When you plate your bike you have the option of registering it for any length of time between 28-365 days. If you want you can pay for 1 month at a time, a 4 month term, or knock out the whole year all at once! But unless you live in some alternate universe where it never snows, odds are you aren’t driving your motorcycle all year round.


Permits are these wonderful things you can get if you don’t want to register your bike for a whole month (because like we mentioned the weather here is unpredictable!) but you do want to take it out for an afternoon. Permits are a piece of paper that give your vehicle short term registration. You have the option of purchasing a 1 or 8 days permit for $20 or $48.

With how hot and cold (literally) our weather can be, the option to register your bike a day at a time may be more cost effective than plates. If short term registrations are more your style, putting a policy on your bike will make sure it’s covered for the long term.


Did you know that your home insurance does not cover your Motorcycle? While your bike is parked in the driveway, or in the garage over the winter, if something happens to it your home insurance won’t respond.

While policies do not give you permission to be on the road (so to ride your bike you’ll still need an active plate or permit) they are still a more affordable option for insuring your bike all year. Your plates for the full year could be anywhere between $1,000 – $2,000! A policy for the full year could range from $70-$350 depending on the coverages you choose. You’d have the option of protecting your bike from losses caused by collisions, fire, theft, vandalism and so much more! Not only do policies protect your bikes while they are in storage but they can also cover your bike while it’s being driven.

Every rider and bike will have unique rates when it comes to insuring and registering. Taking a couple minutes to review your options costs you nothing and could save you thousands!


Want to find out how a policy can help you save money and protect your bike?


If you have questions or want to register your bike over the phone, give us a shout!