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Basic Plate Registration Coverage vs Auto Insurance Policy

Basic License Plate Insurance:

Under the basic Saskatchewan license plate auto insurance, a vehicle is subject to a $700 deductible. The vehicle settlement is the actual cash value, referring to the lessening value since the purchase. You also have a $200,000 third-party liability to pay for injuries or damage caused by your driving.

Under the basic license plate insurance, you can choose no-fault or tort coverage. No-fault and tort describe the methods an injured party may pursue damages. All registrants in Saskatchewan are automatically set to no-fault coverage unless you were to opt-out. In a nutshell, no-fault coverage allows you to file a claim and seek compensation, regardless of who is at fault.

Basic Saskatchewan license plate insurance provides the minimum coverage for you and your vehicle, but is it enough?

Basic auto insurance coverage may not be sufficient when faced with the costs of an accident. Some exclusions with basic auto insurance are family security, unlicensed vehicle storage coverage, damage to non-owned vehicles, loss of use, replacement value, etc. For example, can you afford to suffer that financial loss if someone steals your car while unlicensed? However, with an Auto Pak policy, you can purchase these coverages.

Auto Pak Policy:

Auto Pak policies allow you to increase the third-party liability with options between $1-$5 million. Included automatically is coverage for family security at no additional cost. Family security helps safeguard you if an uninsured/underinsured motorist causes an accident. For example, an impaired driver will not be covered for vehicle damages, injuries, or other expenses.

Damage to vehicles you do not own or damage to your unlicensed vehicle/trailer while in storage can be covered under an Auto Pak policy. Lowering your $700 standard deductible is available; On an Auto Pak can purchase various increments for as low as $50. You can buy a lower Road Hazard Glass deductible for those pesky stones hitting your windshield. Pay $700 when an accident happens, or pay $100? Seems pretty clear to us!

You can purchase Replacement or Repair Cost coverage for brand-new owned or leased vehicles on an Auto Pak. For 60 months from the delivery date, this coverage acts as a shield to protect your vehicle from lessening in value. Loss of Use coverage is also a convenient add-on to help pay for a rental car if yours is in an accident. This coverage can help if there is no responsible third-party insurance to recover this cost.

Basic Auto vs Auto Pak Accident Benefits

No-fault coverage under an Auto Pak policy is also enhanced; that’s right, it gives you even more!

Basic Auto Insurance
Auto Pak Coverage
  • $700 deductible.
  • $200,000 in third-party liability.
  • Up to 90% of net income to a maximum of $102,673.
  • Death benefit pays 45% of the deceased’s net income, plus 5% for every dependent under 21.
  • Education allowance pays up to $49,928 for the training and education of the dependent spouse, and $10,887 pays for funeral expenses.
  • Coverage for family security, damage to your unlicensed vehicle while in storage, damage to cars you do not own, and loss of use are not covered.
  • Replacement costs for new vehicles are not covered.
  • As low as a $50 deductible.
  • Up to $5 million in third-party liability
  • An additional 10% of net income is covered (for 100%).
  • Death benefit pays 50% of the deceased’s net income plus any additional amounts needed to cover up to 5% for each dependent.
  • Education allowance pays up to an additional 50% above basic auto insurance.
  • Death benefit pays up to an additional 50% above basic auto insurance.
  • Coverage is available for family security, damage to an unlicensed vehicle while in storage, damage to cars you do not own, and loss of use.
  • This can include replacement costs for new vehicles.

When laid out like this, it’s easy to see why an Auto Pak policy is a good idea. The best part?
You can pay monthly to keep costs low and reap all the extra coverage benefits.

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