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Invest in peace of mind with our Hospitality Business Insurance.

Safeguard your reputation and assets from accidents, losses, and damages caused by extreme weather or third-party lawsuits by having a strong risk management strategy.

Click on one of the below topics to unpack your Business Insurance:

Commercial Liability

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance provides coverage for claims or legal actions made by third parties alleging harm to their body or property. For instance, if a visitor trips, falls, and sustains an injury while on your premises, CGL is intended to cover their medical expenses. Being liable means being legally responsible. You can be taken to court for compensation if you are deemed liable for someone’s injury or found accountable for damaging someone else’s property. Nobody wants to imagine being sued. However, accidents do happen, and if one occurs and you are found negligent, you could face a substantial settlement.

Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance offers financial assistance in covering the costs of property losses or damages caused by severe weather, fire, flood, theft, or vandalism. The building that houses your business is critical to its overall success. Incidents such as theft, vandalism, and adverse weather conditions can cause substantial damage to your property, resulting in significant repair expenses. You can protect your business from a major financial setback by safeguarding your most valuable assets through an insurance policy.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption Insurance is designed to protect against the financial impact of a property loss by providing coverage for lost net income. In addition to compensating for lost income, this type of insurance may also cover necessary overhead expenses such as rent, electricity, and employee payroll. For example, if your cafe experiences a kitchen fire and needs to close for restoration and repairs temporarily, Business Interruption Insurance would cover the income lost during the closure.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown Insurance provides coverage for repairing or replacing costly electrical or mechanical equipment damaged due to power surges, electrical shorts, or mechanical malfunctions. This type of insurance applies to various office equipment, such as computers and photocopiers, as well as the HVAC system in your building and any freezers, refrigerators, and kitchen appliances you own.

Crime Insurance

Regrettably, incidents of internal theft occur more frequently than one might anticipate. Commercial crime insurance safeguards against internal theft, fraudulent activities, and employee dishonesty. Furthermore, it provides coverage for the pilferage of funds while in transit outside your business, such as during a bank deposit. It is important to note that to avail of this coverage; you must have commercial property insurance included in your policy.

Cyber Insurance

As a business owner, it’s necessary to be realistic about cybercrime risks. Protect your business from cyber threats with Cyber Insurance. Safeguard your technology systems and customer data from cyber hacks. Whether you have an online store or use a POS system, this coverage will cover the costs associated with electronic incidents. Stay secure and worry-free with Cyber Insurance.


Insure your restaurant or bar with our Restaurant and Bar Insurance.

We understand your establishment’s unique needs, whether it’s a fine dining restaurant, a lively pub, or a mobile lunch truck. Our coverage extends to fast-food franchises, caterers, bars, coffee shops, bakeries, and more. Protect your business and focus on what you do best – serving exceptional food and drinks to your valued customers.

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Secure your valuable art collection with Fine Arts Insurance.

We understand the significance of your role in the art community and are here to support you. Whether you own an art gallery, museums and exhibitions, or an art dealer with an auction house, our insurance coverage provides peace of mind. Protect your passion with Fine Arts Insurance.

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Insure your B&B, Motel or Hotel Business today.

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, it protects your business from unforeseen accidents and lawsuits. With thousands of hotels and motels in Saskatchewan, our coverage ensures the safety and enjoyment of your guests while safeguarding your investment. Trust us to protect what matters most to you.

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With Harvard Western Insurance, securing the necessary coverage to support the success and expansion of your Hospitality Business is easy.

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