Filing an insurance claim is never a good thing, but we can help make it easy. We work hard to ensure that your experience is easy, adjusted fairly and resolved quickly. In the case of an after-hours claim emergency, please call 306.791.3757.

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What to expect when filing a claim?
  • If you have suffered a loss, immediately call your broker. They will record the details of your claim and inform your insurer.\


  • Record what is damaged; take photos if you can. Do not throw away any damaged property before your adjuster contacts you.


  • Prevent further damage; turn off your water, cover a broken window, or secure the broken door.


  • Establish repair costs by keeping records of damages and receipts for past purchases.


  • Obtain quotes for repairs or replacement of damaged items. The repairs go through a tendering process involving getting quotes from multiple contractors.


  • Finalize your claim. You may get a cash settlement immediately or be required to sign a Proof of Loss Form. This form means you agree to the final payments or repairs.
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