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If you become injured, an accident could seriously impact your ability to earn an income. Workplace policies can have limits on the amount of coverage they can offer. Want to work with our team to help you understand your exposures?



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How Does it Work?

Disability coverage replaces some of your income if you can’t work because of an injury or illness. The idea behind it is to help you keep your standard of living the same until you can return to work.  Choose the amount you want and add optional benefits to customize your coverage. This monetary benefit will continue until the benefit period ends or you return to work.

Why Do you Need it?

It’s more common than you think. Up to 40% of Canadians become disabled for 90 days or longer before age 65. Disability insurance can help you meet your financial obligations as the benefit can replace most of your take-home pay. It allows you to avoid dipping into your retirement savings.

Protected with Work?

Do you need Disability coverage if you have it through Work?

Group insurance is a great start, but it usually only provides basic coverage and is limited in the amount of coverage you can receive. A personal disability policy complements group insurance – together, they can help protect you, your family and your lifestyle should the worst happen.

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Critical Illness Coverage

Critical Illness coverage provides a monetary payment if you get knocked off your feet by cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc. In addition to the possibility of a leave of absence from your job, a critical illness can sometimes leave you with recovery costs. When you set up your policy, you choose the amount of coverage you want, as not everyone’s recovery costs and expenses are the same.


Group Benefits

Every business, regardless of size, should have a Group Benefits plan. We proudly work with various insurance carriers, allowing us to custom-build a plan that perfectly fits your needs and budget. It benefits your employees to get coverage at a reduced cost compared to most personal plans. Help reduce financial stress if something happens to protect your employee’s and their family’s health.

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