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What do I need to get an SGI customer number and a non-driver photo ID card?

You’ll need to visit a motor license issuer to a) prove your identity and b) prove your residency. Establish Identity Acceptable Documents 

Kindly provide two original documents showcasing your personal information to verify your identity. You may refer to the Acceptable Documents Chart for a list of valid identification. For first-time drivers, Section C of the Signature/Guarantor Form is available to verify your signature.

To establish residency, Section A of the Signature/Guarantor Form may be utilized (a second residency document is not necessary in this case). However, if you are over the age of 18 and not enrolled in the high school driver’s education, please see the bottom of the Acceptable Documents Chart for a list of acceptable residency.

What do I need to get my Class 7 learner’s licence?

After passing your basic knowledge exam, the signs exam and the vision test, you’ll need to visit a motor licence issuer to validate your learner’s licence. You must show proof of your residency and identity (2 pieces of ID for each).

Establish Identity Acceptable Documents 

I just moved from another province in Canada and am a new Saskatchewan resident; how do I switch to a Saskatchewan driver’s licence and licence plates?

It is mandatory to provide proof of identity and residency to obtain a Saskatchewan driver’s license and license plates. Your identity is established by:

  • your legal name
  • birth date
  • signature

At least two original identification documents must be provided to establish your identity. Additionally, two documents are required to prove your residency in Saskatchewan. See SGI’s Identity and Residency Verification for acceptable documentation. To register your vehicle, you may be required to obtain a Light Vehicle Inspection from an SGI Accredited body shop and provide the passed inspection certificate along with proof of identity.

How long do I have from when I move to Saskatchewan to switch over my driver’s licence and licence plates?

Upon establishing residency in Saskatchewan, you have a grace period of 90 days to transfer your driver’s licence and licence plates. It is recommended to complete the transfer within this timeframe.

When I register my vehicle, will I have to pay PST if I am moving to Saskatchewan from another province?

PST must be applied to vehicles purchased or brought in from outside Saskatchewan, including those received as gifts (other than settlers’ effects). See SGI’s Provincial Sales Tax for more information. Vehicles purchased from a status Indian, Indian band, or the federal government are exempt from PST.

*It is important to note that exemptions for gifts only apply to first-degree relatives, which include spouses, common-law spouses, or same-sex partners, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, legal guardians, foster parents, and in-laws. Common-law spouses or same-sex partners must have lived together for at least two years as partners or one year as parents of a child to qualify.

What kind of insurance coverage do I get with my Saskatchewan license plate?

A Saskatchewan licence plate offers Collision and Comprehensive coverage, a $700 Deductible, and a $200,000 Third Party Liability, which meets the minimum insurance requirements set forth by the Saskatchewan Automobile Insurance Act.

When purchasing a new vehicle, can I transfer my pre-existing insurance from my current car to the new vehicle?

You absolutely can! Whether it be your plate registration or an Auto Insurance policy, you can transfer the insurance to your new vehicle. You can transfer the licence plate and vehicle registration from your original vehicle to a new vehicle for a $15 fee. You’ll need your bill of sale for the new vehicle to complete the transfer. However, please be aware there may be a difference in registration and insurance costs where you’ll either owe the remaining amount or have a credit refunded. If you like to learn more about transferring a vehicle registration, see SGI’s guidelines for more information.


How long do I have to file an insurance claim for my car?

As per the regulations of Saskatchewan, you are required to file a claim and repair your vehicle within two years of the accident. It is advisable to report your claim at the earliest to avoid any conflicts regarding the magnitude of the damage caused during the collision.


How do you determine who is at fault for a vehicle accident?

As part of a standard procedure, SGI will carefully review all information provided by the parties involved in the incident to ascertain liability for the collision. This includes examining the drivers’ adherence to traffic laws, conducting interviews with witnesses, reviewing police reports, relevant bylaws and other governing legislation, and court precedents.

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