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Safeguard yourself against risks that arise from working as a contractor.

We offer comprehensive options, including coverage for your tools, equipment, and commercial vehicles, to ensure complete protection.

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Get Surety Bond

Whether you’re undertaking a small-scale, local project or a larger, public-facing development, ensuring that you are capable and qualified to do the job correctly is essential.

A surety bond is a great way to ensure that you meet all of the qualifications for the job and are prepared to complete it to the best of your ability.

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Pollution Liability

Although not every construction project has a massive environmental impact, the liability for environmental damage is increasing. Failing to secure a construction site or install pipes correctly properly can result in extensive harm in the future.

Pollution liability insurance covers expenses related to clean-up, bodily injuries such as respiratory illnesses, and property damages like water damage caused by pollution or toxic substances generated during work on an insured construction site.

Tools & Equipment

The tools you use to perform your daily tasks are vital and form the foundation of your business operations. Unlike in many other industries, these tools are constantly on the move, which exposes them to a higher level of risk.

This coverage ensures you can replace or repair any lost or damaged equipment, tools, accessories, or other property under your care.


Contractor's Rework

The Contractor’s Rework extension protects expenses for rectifying substandard workmanship or materials. It also covers the additional costs of restoring the project to its original condition. How can this coverage benefit you? Suppose a contractor is hired to install drywall panels in a basement, but unfortunately, the materials used do not meet industry standards. As a result, the contractor has to remove and reinstall panels that meet specifications.

Disability Insurance

Disability coverage replaces some of your income if you can’t work because of an injury or illness. The idea is to help you keep your standard of living the same until you can return to work. This monetary benefit will continue until the benefit period ends or you return to work.

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Commercial General Liability (CGL) for contractors in the trades industry.

It is a liability insurance policy that safeguards you and your business against common claims that may arise while working at a job site. These claims typically include third-party property damage, such as unintentionally damaging a client’s home and bodily injuries like slip and fall accidents. CGL insurance can cover expenses and legal fees if your business becomes involved in a lawsuit.

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What is the course of construction coverage?

Traditional commercial property insurance policies typically do not provide coverage for properties that are in the midst of construction or undergoing significant renovations. These properties are at a higher risk for disasters like fires caused by construction heaters or structural damage from strong winds. Builder’s Risk Insurance is a specialized form of insurance that can offer protection in these specific situations.

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Why you need errors and omissions coverage (E&O).

If your business involves design-build operations, there is a potential professional risk that may not be covered by your Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy. In the event of a project delay or financial harm caused by a professional error, clients may seek compensation from you. Contractors Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance is designed to address these situations and provide coverage for such claims.

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Contractor with Wood Beams

Construction Liability Insurance provides property and liability coverage throughout the project. Get insured today!

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