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Insure your dirt bike so you can get back on the trails faster.

Even though dirt bikes can take a beating doesn’t mean you don’t need protection. Don’t let unexpected expenses ruin your ride—insure your dirt bike today.

Click on one of the below topics to unpack your recreational insurance:


Liability Coverage

To be liable mean simply that you are found to be legally responsible. If you are liable for injury to someone or found responsible for damage to another’s property, you can be sued for damages. No one likes to imagine being sued. But accidents happen, and if one does occur and you’re deemed negligent, you could find yourself with a hefty settlement. This type of insurance is essential because it helps protect you from financial losses that may occur due to a lawsuit.

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We highly recommend getting a liability policy, primarily when operating a higher-risk vehicle like a dirt bike. While Canada may not be known for outrageous personal liability settlements, the cost of these claims is rising. A five-million-dollar case may have been rare ten years ago, but not so much anymore. With inflation on the rise, the compensatory awards awarded to plaintiffs are also increasing. Keep in mind no lawsuit is a quick fix. Some take years for the court to settle, which all adds to the bottom line.

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Replacement Coverage

Did you purchase your unit brand new? Ask our team about which insurers offer replacement coverage for new ATVs. Got Toys for example offers this coverage on brand new units (as long as it is purchased within 120 days from the delivery date of the unit). It expires 24 months after the date of delivery; a copy of the bill of sale must be provided and the unit insured for 100% of value.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Add comprehensive coverage for risks such as:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Theft and vandalism

You face significant risk when you put it away for storage in the winter. We can help mitigate your loss due to theft by having your ATV insured on a policy.

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In Storage Coverage

When your dirt bike is parked, even in your garage, no automatic insurance is extended from your home insurance policy. But theft, vandalism, and other risks still exist, and your home insurance isn’t going to extend to protect your bike unless you have it specially scheduled.

If you plan on storing your bike for any length of time, it’s important to have a policy to protect yourself and your bike. A dirt bike storage policy can help you cover your costs if something happens to your bike and protect you from any potential theft.

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Personal Injury

If you’re injured on a dirt bike, you may wonder how you’ll be able to cover your costs. Dirt bikes are often considered “light motorcycles,” meaning they’re not as sturdy as motorcycles designed for use in more serious off-road activities. This means they can be more easily damaged, and you may need medical attention if your bike is involved in an accident.

Make sure to get insurance to cover your injury and future costs. Sometimes personal health insurance may not provide adequate coverage for medical expenses, disability, loss of income or death that results from operating a dirt bike. The risk of severely injuring yourself while using a dirt bike should not be ignored.

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Disability Insurance

Disability coverage replaces some of your income if you can’t work because of an injury or illness. This monetary benefit will continue until the benefit period ends or you return to work. It can help you and your family pay for necessary expenses like your mortgage, car payments, utilities, groceries, etc.


Get a dirt bike insurance quote to protect your lifestyle.

We understand you live for the ride. That’s why our comprehensive insurance policies cover everything from accidents and theft to damage caused by weather disasters. Don’t let unexpected incidents put a damper on your off-roading experience – invest in dirt bike insurance today.

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Protect your ATV with our comprehensive insurance.

Don’t let unexpected damages or accidents ruin your off-road adventures. Our ATV insurance provides the coverage you need to protect your vehicle, so you can focus on having fun. Reach out to us today and start a free, no-obligation quote.

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Protect your snowmobile and get back to the trails faster.

You live for the thrill of the ride, but accidents can happen anywhere. Protect your investment with insurance that is as invested in your adventures as you are. Let us help you get coverage for all your favourite winter rides, like snowmobiles and ski-doos. Ride with peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your dirt bike with Recreational Insurance today.

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