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Our tailored insurance policies are designed to meet architects, engineers, and geoscientists’ unique needs.

With over 18 years of experience serving APEGS members, we provide comprehensive coverage to protect against risks and errors in your professional services.

Click on one of the below topics to unpack your business insurance:


Professional Liability

Architects are at risk of being held accountable for mistakes that may occur throughout the entire project, from the initial consultation to construction administration. To safeguard against financial losses resulting from negligence, errors, or failure to fulfill promised services, architects must have professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. This coverage is crucial for architects in case of design or planning errors, missed project deadlines, etc.

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Tools & Equipment

Equipment and Tools Insurance is for loss or damage to the equipment used for work. For instance, if your set of tools is stolen from a job site overnight, this insurance policy can help cover the expenses of replacing the stolen tools.

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Errors & Omissions

Negligent acts such as faulty design, misstatement, defamation, or breach of contract give rise to civil liability. These are just a few of the exposures you could be covered for under this policy. If a client loses revenue or experiences other harm due to an error on your part, they may seek financial reciprocation from you. Our E&O policies are specially designed to respond to these circumstances.

Office Contents

Your office is where first impressions are formed, and trust is built. To do that properly, you must fill your office with various job-specific items. Protecting these items is essential to get you and your practice back up and running in the event of a loss.

Cyber Insurance

In today’s digital age, protecting your business from cyber threats is more important than ever. Today’s reality is that a cyber invasion is an eventuality, not a possibility. Cyber attacks constantly happen within businesses, and staying ahead of the curve is a constant struggle when protecting your digital space.

When we reference cyber, we refer to your computer, electronics, network, data processing and transferring, for example. Cyber risks can include data breaches, privacy breaches, and/or computer attacks. Don’t let a breach compromise your business – get the cyber coverage you need to stay protected.


Group Benefits

Help reduce financial stress if something happens to protect your employee’s and their family’s health. Base benefits often include prescription drugs, dental care, disability programs, life, critical illness and accident insurance. Specialty benefits can be added to the policy: a healthcare spending account, benefits for retired employees, emergency medical coverage, and travel assistance.

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Protect your home with exclusive insurance discounts.

As a member of APEGS, you deserve the best protection for your home. Take advantage of our exclusive discounted home, condo, and tenant insurance rates with the APEGS discount program offered through Peace Hills Insurance.


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Protect your business from unexpected risks with CGL.

With Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance, you can protect your business from slip-and-fall incidents and other unexpected risks. General Liability is for claims for bodily injuries or property damage by third parties. If a client or visitor to your office suffers an injury due to a trip or fall and seeks medical assistance, they may take legal action against you to seek compensation for their damages.

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If I am an architect, do I need insurance?

Absolutely! As an architect, you understand the importance of avoiding risks and errors. Professional liability insurance is crucial for architects as this type of coverage protects against claims related to failing to provide a service or providing incorrect advice. The architects who should consider obtaining this insurance include:

  • Residential and commercial architects
  • Restoration and landscape architects and engineers
  • Architectural designers
  • Architectural engineers

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Our insurance coverage is designed for architects, engineers, and geoscientists, giving you peace of mind to focus on what you do best.

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