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The Company that Cares

At Harvard Western Insurance, we do everything but walk your dog (though you may even find a few of us willing to do that)! From home insurance to business insurance, health benefits to motor licence issuing, we offer protection wherever you need it most.

We are The Company that Cares. While that may sound cliché, the truth is we actually DO care about each and every one of our clients. We treat you like family and do everything we can to ensure you’re properly protected. This is reflected in our CRISP values; Not to be confused with the British word for chips (which we also love).


Our Timeline

1903 – McCallum Hill and Company (Walter Hamilton Alexander Hill and E.A. McCallum)
1996 – Cooks McCallum Hill Insurance (merger between McCallum Hill Insurance and Cooks Insurance)
2005 – Cooks ISI Insurance (merger between Harvard Developments Inc. and Western Financial Group)
2008 – Cooks ISI Insurance purchases Shenher Insurance
2010 – Harvard Western Insurance is founded
2018 – Hoff Insurance joins the HWI team

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