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Where Small-Town Charm Meets Big-Time Service | Rural Offices

When you think of insurance, you might not immediately conjure up images of quaint main streets and friendly faces, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at our rural offices in Kronau, Milestone, Yellow Grass Pangman, Rouleau, and Dalmeny SK. Our team is all about bringing that small-town charm to the insurance world.

In an era of increasingly digital communication, the value of a local presence in the communities we serve cannot be overstated. While online methods have undoubtedly revolutionized the way we connect, having a physical office in smaller communities remains a cornerstone of our business. Despite the world’s shift towards virtual interactions, our small-town offices are a testament to our dedication to fostering meaningful relationships and providing accessible, in-person support to our valued community members.


Kronau: A Personal Touch in a Small Community

One of the key advantages of having offices in small towns is the opportunity to build personal relationships with clients. Unlike larger cities where interactions with clients may be infrequent, working in a small town office allows our employees to get to know their clients on a deeper level. Brenda Yausie, the Branch Manager in Kronau, emphasizes this point by stating:

Working in Kronau, you get to know your clients more personally. With our clients you’ll likely hear from some clients 20 times between May and October. Working in Regina, you may only hear from a client once a year when their policy comes up for renewal. – Brenda Yausie (Kronau Branch Manger)

Being located in a small town helps our staff understand the unique needs of rural communities, particularly those in agricultural regions. Shaun Folden, an experienced farm expert in Kronau, brings his 29 years of extensive farm insurance knowledge and expertise to his role as an Account Executive. Shaun is well-versed in the intricacies of the agriculture industry and as a member of the Kronau community, he can better provide tailored insurance solutions to farmers and agricultural businesses in the area.

The nature of small towns fosters a sense of familiarity and trust between our Kroaud office staff and its clients. Employees like Shaun Folden, Jill Desk, Janet Schaeffer and Gillian Solomon become familiar faces in the community, creating a personal touch that is highly valued by the clients they interact with. This personal connection goes beyond business transactions and creates a sense of community and belonging, where “everybody knows your name,” much like the famous TV show “Cheers.”

Shaun Folden at Kronau Office

Shaun Folden (Kronau Office)

Milestone: Building Relationships in a Close-Knit Community

The same holds true for the Milestone office, where Deanna Cole, the Branch Manager of rural offices located South of Regina, emphasizes the importance of understanding the local community. This cozy community was added to the Harvard Western Insurance map in 2018 after acquiring the Hoff Insurance brokerages.

The people here are incredible. I know almost every person that walks through the doors, and we always have something in common to talk about. When they come into the office, I often know exactly what they’re looking for and how to help them. – Deanna Cole (Milestone Branch Manager)

Being part of the close-knit community of Milestone allows staff like Keegan McKay and Michelle Kuntz to have a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of their clientele. These guys are always ready to tackle whatever comes their way. Their expertise ensures that clients receive the most relevant and effective insurance solutions for their specific circumstances.


Pangman: A One-Woman Show with Community Support

In Pangman operates a unique office with just one employee, Lorrie Kessler. Lorrie has been working at the Pangman office for over 20 years and has witnessed multiple ownership changes. However, each time the office changes hands, she is asked to stay, highlighting her dedication and the value she brings to the community.

Harvard is a good company to work for; they focus on giving back to the community. I know most of the people in town, and if new ones come in, it takes no time to get to know them. Everyone here has my back – they all know me, and it’s wonderful. – Lorrie Kessler

Lorrie’s role as a one-woman band in the Pangman office requires her to handle various tasks, from administrative work to customer service. This level of accountability and self-reliance helps her stay disciplined and ensures that she gets everything done efficiently. The strong community support in Pangman further enhances Lorrie’s sense of connection and appreciation. She knows most of the people in town, and new residents quickly become familiar faces. This sense of belonging and support from the community is invaluable and contributes to the success of the Pangman office.

Lorrie Kessler at Pangman Office

Lorrie Kessler (Pangman Office)

Yellow Grass: Personal Connections and a Comfy Atmosphere

In Yellow Grass, Harvard Western Insurance operates an office run by Keegan McKay and Roberta Knoll.

Together, they bring a personal touch to their work, emphasizing the importance of building relationships with their clients. Roberta particularly enjoys the personable experience that comes with working in a small town. She believes that small-town offices provide a greater opportunity to establish personal connections with the people they serve. This deeper level of understanding allows her to offer personalized assistance and provide additional support to her clients.

The Yellow Grass community holds a special place in Roberta’s heart, as it is where she grew up.

I absolutely love this town! Growing up, I wanted nothing more than to graduate and get out of here. After starting a family, it only felt right to move back. Now that I am working for Harvard and am able to serve the people of the community I grew up in; it is just a rewarding experience. When I think of working for Harvard Western Insurance and doing it in Yellow Grass, I feel an inner peace and truly just feel at home here. – Roberta Knoll

The office in Yellow Grass is currently undergoing renovations, which Roberta eagerly anticipates. Stop by to see the new changes sometime in the near future and say hi to Roberta!


Rouleau: A Unique Office with a Fun Twist

Rouleau, best known as the primary filming location for the hit TV sitcom “Corner Gas,” is home to one of our more unique offices. Harvard Western’s Rouleau office has the distinct honour of playing an insurance office on TV. However, there’s more to this office than just its on-screen fame.

Amanda Sylvestre, an insurance advisor at the Rouleau office, explains, “Many people find it strange that we sell liquor, but we’re used to it. Our hours are extended because of the store, so we’re open on Saturdays. Plus, it brings in quite a bit of foot traffic!” I guess you could say they’re the real MVPs of multitasking.

Amanda’s daughter, Kiera Sylvestre, works alongside her as a Customer Service Representative, creating a dynamic “work-family” atmosphere. This close-knit community allows Amanda, Kiera, and Lindsay Rand, another insurance advisor, to establish personal connections with their clients. They are able to go above and beyond regular office hours to provide assistance and support, thanks to the proximity of their homes and the deep connections they have formed within the community.


Dalmeny: Embracing New Challenges in a Thriving Community

Dalmeny, located just outside of Saskatoon, welcomed Harvard Western Insurance in 2023 after the acquisition of the former Dalmeny Insurance Agencies. Yvonne Block, their new Branch Manager, is excited about her new role and aims to continually ensure the Dalmeny community knows they are in capable hands.

I am proud to lead an outstanding and competent team at the Dalmeny office. Every staff member is committed to providing exceptional assistance and guidance to our valued customers. – Yvonne Block (Dalmeny Branch Manager)

The thriving community of Dalmeny offers great opportunities for our new office to make a positive impact. By providing top-notch insurance solutions and building strong relationships, our Harvard Western Dalmeny office aims to become an integral part of the community. The future is bright, and we can’t wait to make our mark in Dalmeny, one policy at a time.

Dalmeny Office (crop) group Photo

Yvonne Block & Dalmeny Staff

Creating a United Community Across Rural Offices

While the six rural offices of Harvard Western Insurance may be physically separated, they are united by a strong sense of community.

From the personal touch in Kronau to the close-knit community of Milestone, the one-woman show in Pangman, the connections in Yellow Grass, our infamous office in Rouleau, and the thriving community in Dalmeny, each office has its own charm and sense of community. These small-town offices and the incredible employees who work there are not just insurance advisors; they are neighbours and friends, providing a sense of reliability and trust to their clients.

Despite the world’s increasing reliance on digital interactions, our business recognizes the importance of having a physical presence in small towns. The personal relationships, specialized expertise, and strong community support fostered by these offices contribute to the success and effectiveness of Harvard Western Insurance in serving rural communities. As the world continues to evolve, we remain committed to providing exceptional service and building meaningful connections with our clients in small towns across Saskatchewan.

So, here’s to our small-town offices and the incredible folks who keep the gears turning. They may not wear capes, but they’re definitely our heroes!

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