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Belongings Coverage

Your ‘stuff’ is a massive part of your life! Protect your belongings, including your furniture, big screen TV, and functional items (like your dishwasher and lawnmower). Rest easy knowing that your insurance will replace or repair your contents in the event of a loss.

Personal Liability

Accidents happen, and if one happens and you are determined to be at fault for someone’s injuries or property damage, you will be on the hook to cover the cost. Your renter’s policy automatically includes liability coverage to support you financially.

Additional Living

This coverage helps financially support you if you cannot stay at your current residence due to an insured loss or a claim due to repairs. Additional living expenses can help compensate for alternate accommodations and other costs associated with maintaining your standard of living when you’re suddenly uprooted from your home.

Sewer Back-Up

Living in a building with shared plumbing means you can’t predict what may be going down the drain. But when it comes back up, it’s gross. If any of your stuff gets wrecked by a sewer backup, you’ll want this coverage on your policy!

Identity Theft Coverage

Identity theft is becoming more and more common today. From all the information we put on Facebook to someone stealing your wallet or the mail out of your mailbox, there are unbelievable ways that someone may try to steal your identity. Identity theft coverage comes automatically included on most policies and will help financially support you while you repair your reputation.

Disability Insurance

When renting your home, you know better than anyone how important it is to live within your budget. Having Disability insurance could be the difference between maintaining your current lifestyle and struggling to cover the rent when your income stops because of an injury.


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