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As a professional driver, your risk on the road is similar but different to that of the average driver. While the average driver also shares the risk of getting into an accident, the likelihood of one happening is significantly less than that of a taxi or car service. The reason? As a professional driver, you and your vehicle are spending significantly more time on the road. You also have the well-being of your passengers to consider. Taxi and other car services play an important role in the mobility of our community, and your risks are beyond that of a basic auto policy.

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Most business owners agree, their employees are the lifeblood of their business, which makes the attraction, retention, and most of all the well-being of your employees a top priority. Employee group benefits are an effective way of making sure the hardworking talent you attracted not only continues to work, but continues to work for you! Do you already have a plan in place? It may just be time for a review. Let our experienced team help make sure your plan is competitive and running smoothly. Book your free review today.


Products & Coverages

Commercial Auto

When you drive a limo, your vehicle is not just a means of transportation. It’s how you earn your income. It’s the vessel your clients trust you to transport them with. With that being so, it’s vital to protect your vehicle with a robust policy.

Commercial Auto Liability

There is a lot of risk involved when you work in a business that is so client focused. You are constantly driving people from one place to another, increasing your risk of one of your passengers becoming injured. Protect yourself from financial ruin in the event of a lawsuit.

Deductible Buy Down

Let’s be honest, plate deductibles are high. In the event of a claim, don’t get stuck paying out thousands of dollars when you could easily lower your deductibles with a policy for a fraction of the cost.

Damage to property of passengers

Coverage for accidental damage to the property of passengers while property is in your vehicle.

School Bus extended use

Permission granted for the vehicle to be used for the transportation of passengers for purposes other than provided under the school bus endorsement.

Cyber Insurance

If your business stores sensitive client information, bank records, or any other vital information on its computer systems, then this coverage is essential. As a business owner, it’s important to be realistic about the risk cybercrime poses. To protect yourself fully, you’ll want to talk to one of our advisors who can help assess your situation.

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