Loan Protection

With Loan Protection from Harvard Western Insurance, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family will be protected if the unimaginable happens. Too often people end up with pricey and confusing Creditor Insurance from their lender. Why spend even one more day paying for a policy designed to protect the lender first? Make the switch! Connect with us today, and find out how Loan Protection from Harvard Western Insurance protects you and your loved ones.


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Insurance that protects your family, not the bank.

Don’t settle for protection that isn’t designed with your best interests in mind. Loan Protection from Harvard Western Insurance is an alternative to traditional Creditor Insurance and is superior in every way.

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Choose Loan Protection and enjoy the many benefits!

30-50% Savings

Our Loan Protection coverage is flexible and customizable, not a one-size-fits-all style policy. This translates to better coverage, and premiums that are, on average, 30-50% lower than traditional Creditor Insurance. We also give you the ability to lock in your rates, so you will not be faced with expensive increases down the road.

Family First

Creditor Insurance policies purchased from lenders are designed to protect the lender first and foremost – which is why they are the beneficiary. In the unfortunate event that you become injured, sick, or die, Loan Protection through Harvard Western Insurance pays the beneficiary that you have assigned.

Transparent Coverage

Policies are underwritten at the time of application and not at the time of claim. This means you will know exactly what you are covered for the moment your application is approved. This differs from Creditor Insurance, where you are underwritten only after you have suffered a claim. Unfortunately, this could result in finding out that you are not covered for what you thought – but you will not know until it’s too late. Don’t wait for a claim to find out if you are eligible for the coverage you’re paying for. With Loan Protection through Harvard Western Insurance, you can feel confident in your protection from the moment you’re approved.

Coverage That Never Decreases

With traditional Creditor Insurance, your coverage amounts typically go down as your debt decreases. This means that the more you pay down your debt, the less of a pay out you will receive. With our Loan Protection, your coverage amount will never decrease – regardless of how much you have paid down your loan. Why continue to pay for coverage that decreases while your costs remain the same (or increase!)?

Freedom to Go Wherever You Choose

If you decide to move your debt to a different financial institution, you will not be able to take your Creditor Insurance with you. This means you would have to reapply for coverage with the new lender. With Loan Protection from Harvard Western Insurance, you are free to move your loan to any financial institution you choose without losing your coverage, and without leaving you vulnerable to coverage gaps while you get your new policy up and running.

Expert Advice

We are an insurance company, not a bank. This means that our employees are insurance experts who spend countless hours working to becoming licensed and keeping their designations up to date and current. We truly are The Company that Cares, and we work hard to ensure that we find our clients the right insurance for their specific needs.

Let’s protect what matters most to you.

For an honest, no-obligation review of your current coverage, connect with one of our expert advisors.