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Trip Transit Coverage

Whether transporting cargo through town or across borders, you’re exposed to various risks and the potential for loss. From collision and upset to theft, it’s important that the insurance protecting your cargo will defend it.

Commercial Liability

When you’re a courier, your vehicle is not just a means of transportation. It’s how you earn your income. When you’re driving all over town delivering packages, the risk of causing property damage or causing bodily injury to others increases. Although in Saskatchewan, your plates cover you for a minimum amount of liability, having a commercial auto policy with increased third-party liability limits will ensure your business is financially protected.

Physical Damage

Your vehicle is the vessel your clients trust you to transport their cargo with. Your plate insurance may limit your benefits if it is damaged in a claim. Replacement Cost coverage, Deductible Buy Down, Loss of Use, and Excess Limits are all options when building a custom commercial auto policy.

Cyber Insurance

This coverage is essential if your business stores sensitive client information, bank records, or any other vital information on its computer systems. As a business owner, it’s important to be realistic about cybercrime risks. To protect yourself fully, you’ll want to talk to one of our advisors who can help assess your situation.

Group Benefits

Every business, regardless of size, should have a Group Benefits plan. It benefits your employees to get coverage at a reduced cost compared to most personal plans. Help reduce financial stress if something happens to protect your employee’s and their family’s health.

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