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Get the right Transportation Insurance to help you navigate the industry.

Whether you are a single-unit owner-operator or manage a large fleet of trucks, we understand the complexities of insurance and ensure that all you need to focus on is moving forward!

Click on one of the below topics to unpack your Commercial Transportation Insurance:

Commercial Liability

This coverage protects the insured driver and the company against claims arising from bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties in the event of an accident. The liability limit carried under the plate insurance is $200,000. However, depending on your individual needs or contractual obligations, a policy can increase your limit anywhere from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000.

Physical Damage

Your clients rely on you to safely transport their cargo, making your vehicle a crucial business component. Physical Damage Coverage, which includes Collision and Comprehensive coverage, is essential for any Transportation policy.

This coverage safeguards you and your business if your vehicle is involved in an accident, stolen, or damaged by fire.

Trip Transit Coverage

Trip transit insurance refers to a specific type of policy that offers protection to property while it is in transit. This coverage applies only during a particular trip and via a specified mode of transportation. It safeguards against certain risks such as fire, theft, or disappearance.

Whether you are transporting goods within the city or across borders, there are various potential hazards and the possibility of loss. From collisions and accidents to theft, it is crucial that your cargo is adequately insured to ensure its defence.

Cargo Insurance

Accidents can occur anytime, resulting in potential losses to your cargo while it is transported or loaded/unloaded. This is where a comprehensive cargo policy comes into play. It ensures that if any damage occurs during transit or handling, coverage will be provided to eliminate any financial responsibility for replacing the damaged goods.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption Insurance is designed to protect against the financial impact of a property loss by providing coverage for lost net income. In addition to compensating for lost income, this type of insurance may also cover necessary overhead expenses such as rent, electricity, and employee payroll.

Group Benefits

Every company, regardless of its size, should have a Group Benefits plan in place. This type of plan allows employees to access coverage at a lower cost. It also protects employees and their families financially if something unexpected happens. We take pride in collaborating with multiple insurance carriers, enabling us to create a customized plan that perfectly aligns with your needs and budget.

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Courier insurance for couriers and parcel delivery drivers.

The rise of online shopping has made it more convenient for people to order items from the comfort of their own homes, increasing the number of couriers. Consequently, the demand for courier insurance has never been higher. However, popularity does not mean this profession has no risks. Light truck drivers face daily liabilities, ranging from minor injuries like sprains caused by lifting heavy goods to fatal accidents.

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courier insurance

Find insurance coverage for mid-haul or long-haul transportation.

The trucking industry in Canada is continuously evolving to adapt to the demands of the business landscape. To meet these needs, it is crucial to have an insurance broker who comprehends your specific requirements. Whether you are engaged in mid-haul or long-haul trucking, your insurance coverage can be customized and adjusted as your company progresses and changes.

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Insurance for taxis, limousines, buses and other luxury passenger vehicles.

When it comes to insuring vehicles used for transporting passengers on a for-hire basis, such as taxis, limousines, and bus services, it’s crucial to understand the unique insurance requirements. Your primary duty is to ensure the safety and well-being of your passengers. Additionally, you are accountable for any damage caused to your vehicle and other people’s property.

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taxi insurance

We offer industry insights tailored specifically toward solving problems for commercial vehicles utilized in transportation.

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