Claims Manager

Meet Leanne Thompson!

With 25+ years of adjusting experience, she advocates for fair claim resolutions.



The Benefits of choosing Harvard Western Insurance

We will report your claim to your insurance company and have an adjuster contact you as quickly as possible. Our staff will follow up with you and the adjuster to help handle your property claim promptly and fairly.

What to expect when filing a claim:

  • If you have suffered a loss, immediately call your broker. They will record the details of your claim and inform your insurer.
  • Record what is damaged; take photos if you can. Do not throw away any damaged property before your adjuster contacts you.
  • Prevent further damage; turn off your water, cover a broken window, or secure the broken door.
  • Establish repair costs by keeping a record of damages and receipts for past purchases.
  • Obtain quotes for repairs or replacement of items damaged. The repairs go through a tendering process involving getting quotes from multiple contractors.
  • Finalize your claim. In some cases, you may get a cash settlement right away, or you may be required to sign a Proof of Loss Form. This form means you agree to the final payments or repairs.
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