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Explore the components of commercial Optometrist  Liability Insurance.

Commercial insurance for optometrists is designed to safeguard your practice from a wide range of risks to help ensure the long-term success of your business.

Click on one of the below topics to unpack your Business Insurance:

Professional Liability

Also known as malpractice or errors and omissions insurance, professional liability insurance is crucial for optometrists. It provides coverage in the event of claims made against you due to alleged negligence, misdiagnosis, or errors in treatment. This coverage protects your practice from potential legal fees, settlements, or judgments.

General Liability

General liability insurance is essential for any business, including optometry practices. It protects against third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury that may occur on your premises. Whether it’s a slip-and-fall accident or damage to a patient’s property, general liability insurance provides the necessary coverage.

Property Insurance

Your optometry practice is likely filled with expensive equipment, tools, and inventory. Property insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing these assets in case of damage or theft. It also extends coverage to your building, office space, and signage. By protecting your physical assets, property insurance ensures that your practice can quickly recover from unforeseen events.

Business Interruption

In the event of a fire, natural disaster, or other covered perils, your optometry practice may experience a temporary closure. Business interruption insurance helps cover the loss of income during this period. It provides financial assistance for ongoing expenses such as rent, staff salaries, and utility bills, ensuring that your practice can continue to operate smoothly even during a disruption.

Cyber Insurance

In today’s digital age, protecting sensitive patient data is of utmost importance. Cyber liability insurance safeguards your practice against data breaches, hacking, or unauthorized access to patient information. It may cover the costs of notifying affected individuals, legal fees, and any regulatory fines or penalties.

Group Benefits

Every business, regardless of size, should have a Group Benefits plan. It benefits your employees to get coverage at a reduced cost compared to most personal plans. Help reduce financial stress if something happens to protect your employees and their family’s health.

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How much does insurance cost for optometrists?

If you have your company information on hand, such as revenue and number of employees, you can start a quote right away to start a free quote to find out the cost of your business insurance. Several factors can impact the pricing of insurance, including but not limited to:

  • The range of optometry services provided, such as routine eye exams or urgent care
  • The value of medical equipment and property
  • The policy limits and deductibles

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Optometry practices must have malpractice insurance.

This type of insurance, also known as professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance, safeguards small businesses from the financial burden of client lawsuits resulting from subpar work. By obtaining professional liability insurance, your healthcare business can ensure that it can continue offering its services while navigating through a legal dispute. For example,

  • Allegations of patient neglect
  • The harm caused by medical advice

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Optometrist malpractice insurance

Is it necessary for me to obtain liability insurance from my College of Optometrists?

No, obtaining liability insurance exclusively from your College of optometry shouldn’t be mandatory. You have the flexibility to purchase insurance coverage from other sources as well. Consider consulting an advisor who can provide insights on the benefits of bundling your insurance, such as professional liability for malpractice and a business owner’s policy to cover your property. This approach may result in cost savings compared to purchasing the insurance policies separately.

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Invest in the right insurance coverage and get back to focusing on providing exceptional eye care.

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