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Travel Advisory FAQs

For travellers, whether it’s global pandemic or menacing hurricanes, this brings uncertainty when planning a trip. That’s why it’s more important than ever to learn more about the Canadian Government’s travel warnings and advisories, how to understand them, and how they could impact your travel insurance coverage. Some providers may cover unforeseen circumstances once a travel advisory has been issued. Review your insurance coverage before your trip to give yourself peace of mind. 


What You Should Know

  1. What does my plan cover, and what are the benefit maximums?
  2. Does the plan cover me if I contract COVID-19 while travelling?
  3. What are the exclusions and limitations of the COVID-19 Rider?
  4. Does the plan provide coverage for an automatic extension if hospitalized beyond the return date?

COVID in Canada

The Saskatchewan Health plan does include coverage for COVID-19 and other medical emergencies. However, you may still want to consider purchasing Emergency Medical for other additional costs not covered by the provincial plan. Coverage can include an ambulance ride, return of the vehicle and more.

Pre-Existing Condition

The good news is that COVID-19 is covered as a medical condition. But, just like any other medical condition, it is subject to stability period requirements. Pre-existing conditions, including COVID-19, typically have a stability requirement of 90-180 days (depending on your age and the insurance carrier) before your departure.

Quarantine Coverage

If you purchase trip cancellation and interruption, can you use this coverage if you or a family member test positive for COVID-19 and need to quarantine?

First, check with your insurer when purchasing the policy, as everyone’s wordings differ. Some providers’ coverage will respond to this case, for example, TUGO Insurance. 


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