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Motorcycle Insurance: Benefits of Reduced No Fault Coverage

Motorcycle owners understand the importance of comprehensive insurance coverage to protect themselves and their bikes in an accident. Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) offers a range of options, including Reduced No Fault motorcycle insurance. In this article, we will delve into the world of motorcycle insurance, specifically focusing on the benefits and features of Reduced No-Fault coverage. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a new enthusiast, understanding your insurance options is crucial for your peace of mind on the road.


The Basics of Motorcycle Insurance

Before we delve into the details of Reduced No Fault coverage, let’s take a moment to understand the basics of motorcycle insurance. Accidents can still happen no matter how skilled and cautious you are as a rider. Motorcycle insurance provides financial protection to cover the costs associated with accidents, damages, and injuries. It ensures you are not left financially burdened in the aftermath of an unfortunate event.

Why Motorcycle Insurance is Essential

Motorcycle insurance offers a range of benefits that can provide invaluable support in times of need. Here are some key reasons why having motorcycle insurance is essential:

  1. Financial Protection: Accidents can result in significant financial liabilities, including medical expenses, property damage, and legal costs. Motorcycle insurance helps cover these expenses, protecting you from potential financial ruin.
  2. Legal Requirements: In many jurisdictions, including Saskatchewan, motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement. Riding without insurance can lead to fines, license suspensions, and legal consequences.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have insurance coverage in place provides peace of mind while you’re out on the road. It allows you to focus on enjoying your ride without worrying about the potential financial consequences of an accident.


Introducing Reduced No Fault Motorcycle Insurance

Reduced No Fault motorcycle insurance is an alternative coverage option SGI offers to motorcycle owners in Saskatchewan. It provides injury benefits while operating your motorcycle, albeit with reduced coverage compared to the standard No Fault injury benefits automatically provided to residents of Saskatchewan.

The Benefits of Reduced No Fault Coverage

Opting for Reduced No Fault coverage has its advantages. Let’s explore some of the key benefits it offers:

  1. Cost Savings: One of the biggest advantages of Reduced No Fault coverage is the potential for cost savings. By choosing this option, you can lower your insurance premiums while still maintaining essential injury coverage when purchasing a registration.
  2. Basic Injury Benefits: Reduced No Fault coverage provides a basic package of injury benefits, even if you are responsible for a collision or involved in a single-vehicle accident. This coverage extends to accidents that occur both in Canada and the United States.
  3. Flexibility: Reduced No Fault coverage allows you to tailor your insurance to your specific needs and budget. It allows you to balance cost savings and essential coverage.

Comparing Reduced No Fault and Full No Fault Coverage

To better understand the differences between Reduced No Fault and Full No Fault coverage, let’s compare some key coverage aspects:

Benefits Full No Fault Coverage Reduced No Fault Coverage
Income Benefits for Total Disability 90% of net income, max gross salary of $108,253 annually $458/week up to two years
Medical & Rehabilitation Coverage $7,819,241 max $213,090 max – Catastrophic injury
Permanent Impairment Payment – Catastrophic $279,673 max $184,678 max

Please note that the above comparison is a snapshot of the coverage differences and is not an exhaustive list. For a complete comparison, it is recommended to review the Guide to Reduced No Fault Injury Coverage provided by SGI.

How to Opt Into Reduced No Fault Coverage

If you’re considering opting into Reduced No Fault coverage, the process is pretty straightforward. When you visit the SGI office to get your motorcycle plated, an employee may ask if you want to opt into Reduced No Fault motorcycle insurance for registration. If you choose to accept, you will need to review some documents and sign the necessary paperwork.

It’s important to note that the discounts for opting into Reduced No Fault coverage vary depending on the engine size of your motorcycle. Smaller engines may receive a discount of 5%, while larger engines can receive a discount of up to 30%. These discounts are applied to the cost of your motorcycle plates, resulting in potential savings for you.

Understanding Reduced No Fault Coverage Limits

While Reduced No Fault coverage provides valuable benefits, it’s essential to understand the coverage limits associated with this option. The coverage amounts for Reduced No Fault are reduced compared to the standard No Fault coverage. This reduction aligns with the lower premiums associated with Reduced No Fault insurance.

By opting into Reduced No Fault coverage, you acknowledge the trade-off between cost savings and reduced coverage. It’s crucial to carefully consider your personal circumstances, risk tolerance, and budget before deciding.


Motorcycle insurance is a critical aspect of responsible riding. With Reduced No Fault coverage, motorcycle owners in Saskatchewan can save on insurance premiums while maintaining essential injury benefits. By understanding the differences between Reduced No Fault and Full No Fault coverage, riders can make an informed decision that aligns with their needs and budget.

Remember, insurance coverage is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s important to assess your personal circumstances, risk tolerance, and budget to determine the right coverage option for you. By doing so, you can ride with confidence, knowing that you are protected in the event of an accident.

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