Forgot to renew?! We don’t judge! You can manage your Saskatchewan Driver’s License and Motor Vehicle Insurance online using your MySGI account. Quickly renew your Saskatchewan license plates or pay your annual driver’s license fee online now.


MySGI Landing Page - We dont judge

MySGI Services:

  • Renew Vehicle Registration
  • Annual Vehicle Auto Pay Declaration
  • Cancel Vehicle Registration
  • Print Vehicle Registrations
  • Pay Annual Driver’s Licence Renewal Fee
  • Purchase 24 Hour & 8 Day Permits
  • Update Personal Information
  • Change Address
  • Pay Receivable Payments
  • Print Driver’s Abstract
  • Access Safe Driver Recognition History
  • Book Driving Exam
  • Access Copy of SGI Canada Auto Pak
  • Start Insurance Claim
  • View Claim Details

Our advisors would be happy to assist you in navigating your online plate renewal. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want help.

Signing Up for MySGI:

If you’re signing up for a MySGI account for the first time, you will need an Activation Code.

Getting an Activation Code:

To get an Activation Code you need to add your email to your SGI Customer file. Click here to contact us and get your email added to your SGI Customer file.

Using Your Activation Code:

Once you’ve added your email to your SGI Customer file, your activation code will immediately be sent to you via email. Make sure to set up your MySGI account as soon as possible because these codes do expire.

Replacing Your Activation Code:

If your email is already on your SGI Customer file and you’ve lost your activation code, or it’s expired, you will have to select “I need an activation code” and “I have a valid email address registered with my motor licence issuer” then hit submit. This will prompt you to request a new activation code which will be sent to your email.

The sign up process is very user friendly. All you do is follow the prompts given to create your account. If at any point you need assistance with signing up for MySGI, please do not hesitate to contact us.