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Renew your SGI plates and driver’s license online.

Say goodbye to long waits and paperwork. MySGI allows you to quickly and conveniently renew your plates or pay your driver’s license fee from your home. Trust Harvard Western as your local SGI motor license issuer for all your motor insurance needs.

Make your vehicle stand out with a Personalized Plate.

Your vehicle is an extension of your personality, so why not give it a unique touch? You can easily get a personalized plate for your vehicle; check for available slogans first:

Slogan Availability Search

Once your slogan is ready, you must complete a form request and submit it to an SGI issuer. To see background options for personalized plates, please see below:

Personalized plate options

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Save time and use the basic Plate Calculator.

Want to know the cost of your vehicle registration before visiting your local motor license issuer? Use SGI’s rate calculator to quickly determine your basic registration rate. All you need is the approximate date you plan to register the vehicle, the style of the vehicle (i.e. car or truck, two-door or four-door, etc.), vehicle make model, and year.

Basic Plate Rate Calculator 

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Set up a MySGI account or retrieve your Activation Code.

When signing up for a MySGI account, you need an Activation Code. To get an Activation Code, contact us to add your email to your SGI Customer file. Your code will be immediately emailed to you. Set up your MySGI account as soon as possible because these codes expire.

Have you lost your activation code, or is it expired? Select “I need an activation code” and “I have a valid email address registered with my motor licence issuer” when trying to log in to MySGI.

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Process your My SGI Plate Renewal and Driver’s License Online Quickly and with Ease.

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