How to Protect Your Car from the Grinch

How to Protect Your Car from the Grinch

As the temperature drops and we get closer and closer to Christmas, opportunistic thieves start to take advantage of the holiday season. People leaving their keys in the ignition to let their cars warm up, or holiday shoppers leaving their newly purchased gifts in their back seat are a thieves’ ideal target. We all know that the Grinch needed only a small window of opportunity to steal Christmas, and a thief only needs a moment to steal your vehicle or its contents. While there is no 100% guaranteed way to avoid having your vehicle burglarized, there are steps we can take to help prevent it.

  1. Carry your keys wherever you go. Try not to leave them in the ignition, even if you leave for only a few seconds.
  2. Always supervise your vehicle while it defrosts. Many Canadians admit to leaving their vehicles unattended in the morning with the engine running to warm it up. Try to always keep your vehicle in view so that if you notice anything suspicious you can react.
  3. Keep valuables locked inside the trunk and out of sight, or bring them in with you. During the holiday season, vehicle break-ins increase due to the fact that thieves are looking for holiday gifts left unattended.
  4. Park in well-lit, busy areas near surveillance cameras. Even though parking lots can be chaotic during the holiday season, try to avoid parking in secluded areas as these are ideal spots for thieves who are waiting for your vehicle to be unattended.

How would your insurance respond in the event of a claim?

If someone damages your vehicle due to attempted theft or break in, you could be responsible for paying your deductible. With only plate insurance on your vehicle, your deductible would be $700. With an auto insurance policy on your vehicle, your deductible may only be $50.

If someone steals belongings from your vehicle your auto insurance does not cover replacement cost. Auto insurance only covers loss or damage to the physical vehicle. So if someone steals all the Christmas presents out of your car, it’s your home insurance that will respond to the loss and you’d have to pay your home insurance deductible.

If your entire vehicle is stolen and you only have plate insurance on your car, you will have to pay your $700 deductible. But, if you have an auto insurance policy on the stolen vehicle your deductible might be waived!

By staying vigilant and taking some simple precautions, you can help to make sure your car and possessions stay safe from anyone whose Grinchy heart is 2 sizes too small.

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