Parked Car Accident

What To Do If You Hit A Parked Car?

Parking mishaps happen and today’s high-tech cars can conceal delicate electronics worth thousands of dollars beneath bumpers. If you bumped into another parked vehicle, you may be liable for damages — even if there is no visible damage.

Stay around. it’s illegal to leave the scene of an accident. Simply driving away can result in hit-and-run charges, with consequences ranging from fines to license suspension to jail time, depending on where you live and the circumstances. Bear in mind that it’s tougher to hide our actions these days. Chances are good that someone saw the accident — and if no person saw it happen, a security camera in the area almost certainly did. A conviction for hit and run will affect insurance rates in most cases as well.

What if the car owner doesn’t arrive? If you’ve waited for a while and the vehicle owner hasn’t come back to their vehicle, you’ll need to leave a note. The note should contain the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • A brief description of the accident

Your note should also include the name and policy number for your insurer. Most states and provinces require that the note be left in a conspicuous location, like under the driver’s side windshield wiper.

Take photos of the damage. Photograph the damage to both cars as well as the license plate numbers of both cars. Many insurers recommend speaking with witnesses as well and writing down their contact information. Alternatively, you can contact the local police and let law enforcement interview any potential witnesses. In some states or provinces, you’re legally required to contact the police if you can’t locate the vehicle owner to exchange insurance information.

Contact your insurance company with details of the accident. Your insurer needs to be notified of any claims as soon as possible.


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