How to file a vehicle claim online using MySGI

How to File a Vehicle Insurance Claim Online Using MySGI

It’s no secret that filing a claim can be a difficult and emotionally trying process. But, by understanding how to file an auto claim properly, you can make the process smoother, receive better results, and feel more at ease. Here, I will go through some steps specified by SGI and provide advice, as your broker, on how to simplify the process.


Take a Minute

Once you have been in a crash, take a few moments to assess the damage to your car. You should take pictures of the harm that has been done to your car to have a record of it. After you have examined the damage, decide whether the vehicle, be it a car, truck, or SUV, is operable. If you have any doubts, don’t drive it.

Find Your Insurance

Are you curious if you have an auto insurance policy? This type of coverage is supplemental to the standard vehicle insurance and not related to registration. If you are unsure if you have added Auto Pak to your policy, you can log in to your MySGI online account to check if any policies are listed. Alternatively, you can contact your brokerage to speak with an advisor.

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The first thing you require is your policy number. You’ll have to input it several times with SGI and the repair shop after that, so make sure you have a copy of it with you or write it down. It’s best to print out the number or have it emailed to you so you can easily access it. After that, it is beneficial to have a look at some aspects. Check your collision deductible, comprehensive deductible, road hazard glass, loss of use, or liability coverage limits. You should know your coverage before beginning the process, depending on the claim type.

Contact SGI

No matter which type of auto policy or coverage you have, SGI is the place to report your claim. They are available 24/7 with a phone call or a click via their Auto eClaim service, which is fast, easy, and mobile-friendly. If you are unsure if you should report your claim, you can contact the nearest SGI auto claims centre or call 1.844.855.2744.

When you are assigned your adjuster, they will inquire about the accident that took place. A helpful tip to remember after an accident involving another person is to draw a diagram of the scene while the details are still fresh in your memory. On the diagram, outline the location of the incident and indicate where the contact points of the vehicles were.

Whether you make a call or fill out an electronic claim form, you will have to answer the following questions: what caused the damage to your car, when the incident happened, the policy number, the license plate number, and if another motorist was involved. Ensure to inform them if the car is not functioning properly, even if they do not ask.

Book Inspection

If you can, go ahead and book your appointment to get your vehicle inspected. Depending on the nature of your claims, such as a windstorm or hail, I highly suggest you get a vehicle inspection sooner rather than later.

If Auto Policy is not SGI Canada

If your insurance policy is with another company such as Portage Mutual, Sandbox Mutual (SMI) or Optiom, they must be notified additionally. Typically, this happens at the stage when you contact your broker, so you may have already done this when you called and asked if they had an auto policy for you. However, if you have not done this step, you must contact your brokerage to inform them that you have a claim and advise them of your claim number. Your brokerage will report it to your insurance company and open a claim file. By alerting them early, they are ready and expecting your insurance report and any receipts for the damages. If you miss this step, this can cause delays further down the road. Once you notify your insurance company that you’ve had a claim and your vehicle inspected by SGI, they will let you know if you can repair the damage or if it’s a total loss.

When can you cancel your Registration?

We suggest you maintain your vehicle registration while the claim is being dealt with. You can ask your adjuster when or if you can cancel the registration, whether the car is deemed a total loss or can be repaired.


It may be difficult and may take a while, yet that’s the reality of an auto claim. Patience is essential to make it through the process without as much stress. All the components must come together to either have your car fixed or get an appropriate reimbursement. Keeping a level head and being patient, as it can take time, is the best way to approach the situation.

Make Claim

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