Auto Claims

To submit your SGI online claim for vehicle-related accidents, please CLICK HERE!

What to do if you hit a Parked Car

Submitting an SGI Online Claim? Click Here

SGI Automobile claims, including package policies and basic coverage purchased with your registration, should be reported directly to SGI. If you have to make a claim, they’re a phone call or a click away 24/7. SGI Auto eClaim service is fast, easy, and mobile-friendly. Uncertain if you should report your claim? Contact your nearest SGI auto claims centre or call 1.844.855.2744.

SGI Claims Regina: 440 Fleet Street, Regina

Regular office hours: 306-751-1306

After hours (Sask): 1-800-647-6448

Is your Auto Pak with Sandbox Mutual Insurance (SMI) or Portage Mutual?

You still need to contact SGI Automobile claims in the event of a loss. SGI will be your adjuster to investigate the loss and determine the amount for damages. You’ll need to contact your broker if you have a package policy on your vehicle, but it is not with SGI Canada. We need to alert your insurer that you have opened a claim so they can receive information from your adjuster.


SGI eClaim Info

SGI’s eClaim service is available 24/hrs online. Learn more about this service by clicking the link below:

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Emergency Number

For after-hours/emergencies, please call 1-800-647-6448.

Out of Province

For emergency assistance out of province, please call 1-306-775-6000.


Windshield Damage

If you have damage to the glass while driving, such as a stone chip, you can skip eClaim. Go to your auto glass repair shop with your SGI Auto Pak information. For other insurers, please notify your broker, they will alert your insurer to receive the information from the repair shop.

Personal Injury Claims

If you or another is injured in an accident, call the policy, then report your claim to your insurer. See here for the full claims process:


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