How to Master the Zipper Merge

How to Master the Zipper Merge

Canadians. We’re polite. We say “Please” and “Thank You”, we hold the door for strangers, and we apologize to other people when they bump into us. There is one place, though, where we just can’t seem to keep our cool.

Construction zones.

In a country where we have two seasons – winter and construction – we spend a lot of time in our cars, waiting to get through the orange zone. It’s basically a rite of passage to sit in a lane of traffic that doesn’t move for miles. So once it’s our turn to go, there’s no way we’re letting that maniac who cut in front of everyone in… not even if they offered us a Double Double and a box of Timbits.

You may think it’s not very Canadian behaviour to merge late, but it turns out that this approach to merging is actually recommended. According to transportation specialists, it decreases congestion, reduces the speed differential between lanes, and fosters a sense of fairness among drivers. Check out the graphics below that outline how to zipper merge properly, and enjoy a quicker, less frustrating, and friendlier trip through your next construction zone. And what’s more Canadian than that, eh?

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