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Nowadays, who isn’t using their vehicle for work reasons? You’ll want to update your insurance if you have clients, merchandise, samples, tools, or equipment for work in your vehicle.

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Business Use Permission

You may not need a commercial auto policy, but at the same time, a personal auto policy might leave you exposed if a claim occurs. You’ll want to talk to an advisor if you’re driving your clients or merchandise for a business around town. They can determine what coverage you need so you and your vehicle remain protected.

Some examples of when you might need business use permission:

  • own a contracting business
  • meet with clients outside your office or out of town
  • deliver merchandise to customers
  • are a courier or transport truck driver

Lower Deductibles

If you’re responsible for a collision or hail damages your car, consider getting a package policy with basic plate insurance. This way, you can lower your deductible to a less-expensive amount, making it easier to cover the repairs that may need to be done.

Lower your deductible
Pay a little extra monthly to lower your deductible if you have a claim.

Increase your deductible
Pay a little less every month by choosing a higher deductible.

Waive your deductible
You may not have to pay your deductible in some situations. Ask your broker for details, but some examples are:

  • Fire, lightning and theft
    If you have comprehensive coverage, you won’t have to pay a deductible when your entire vehicle is damaged from 1 or more of these risks.
  • Wildlife Collision
    If you have comprehensive or specified perils coverage, you won’t have to pay a deductible when your vehicle is damaged as a result of hitting, or being hit by, an animal.


Loss of Use Coverage

If you cannot drive your car due to an accident or if the vehicle was stolen, you may be able to get coverage from your car insurance company. Many companies offer loss of use coverage, which will help you into a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced. Your rental vehicle will also be insured under your policy automatically as a temporary substitute vehicle.

Or suppose instead of renting a vehicle, you choose an alternative method to travel, such as using public transit or taking a taxi. In that case, your insurer will pay up to the amount of coverage you’ve chosen during the claim. Please note, however, that without business use declared on your policy, this coverage won’t respond if your vehicle is damaged while used for business.

Lastly, if you choose to rent a vehicle for whatever purpose, however it’s damaged during the course you have it, you can apply loss of use to cover downtime charges set by the rental company.



Personal Liability

Looking to protect yourself financially from a potential lawsuit? Look no further than our Auto Pak coverage, which can increase your liability limit. Increasing your liability limit can help protect you financially from the pain of a nasty lawsuit. If you are accused or found responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage, you’ll want more than the basic $200,000 plate limit.

We highly recommend increasing your liability limit, especially for newer drivers, because statistically, new drivers may be at a higher risk of causing an accident.

Do you work for a company requesting you add additional liability to your vehicle to meet their requirements? You can purchase a liability-only policy for the vehicle in this case. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you protect yourself!

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Replacement Cost

If you have a brand-new vehicle, you may be interested in finding out about replacement coverage or repair cost coverage. This can help protect your vehicle from depreciation in the event of a total or partial loss.

You might want to find out about replacement coverage or repair cost coverage for various reasons. For example, you might want to protect your vehicle from depreciation in the event of a total or partial loss. Or you might just want to be sure the value is covered if something happens to your vehicle while you’re still paying off the loan.

If you’re looking for Replacement Coverage for a slightly older vehicle, ask one of our advisors about Optiom Pro to see if you qualify.


Loan Protection

Did you finance your vehicle? If you did, you might have also signed up for a form of Life Insurance! Often referred to as Mortgage/Creditor Insurance, this type of coverage is designed to protect the bank if the worst should happen. Find out about the difference in coverage when you have a policy designed to protect your assets and your family.


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