3 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Motorcycle Licence

3 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Motorcycle Licence

If you’re thinking about getting your full Motorcycle Drivers Licence there are 3 things you’ll need to do:

  • You need to be eligible
  • You need to pass 4 exams
  • You need to move through the 3 stages of the MGDL program

To qualify for a Learner’s Licence is quite simple. You’ll need to be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18, you will need a guardian’s or parent’s approval. Besides being old enough to drive, you’ll also need to hold at least a Class 5 drivers licence.

If you are eligible to apply for your Motorcycle licence, all that’s left is passing a couple exams.

Basic Knowledge Exam

This exam tests your understanding of the rules of the road. During the basic knowledge exam you will also have a vision exam done (don’t worry you won’t have to study for this one!).

Signs Exam

This exam tests your knowledge of the meaning of traffic signs.

Motorcycle Knowledge Exam

This exam tests your understanding of the rules of the road applicable to motorcycles specifically.

For the above exams, Walk-Ins are welcome at the Regina & Saskatoon Central offices.

Basic Ability Road Test OR SGI-Approved Motorcycle Training Course.

You have 2 options for this last step in the exam process. Either you take a basic ability road test, or you complete an SGI approved motorcycle training course.

If you choose the Basic Ability Road Test: you will be tested on your ability to identify controls, start, stop, turn, and balance. Road Tests do require that you book an appointment ahead of time and bring your own motorcycle to be tested on.

If you choose the SGI-Approved Motorcycle Training Course: you won’t be required to pay a $500 Drivers Licence fee every time you move through a stage in the MGDL program. It also won’t be necessary to take the Basic Ability Road Test, and you won’t receive an “R” engine size restriction on your driver’s licence.

Another perk to taking the SGI-Approved Motorcycle Training Course instead of the Basic Ability Road Test is that you would qualify for a Safe Driver Recognition discount on your plates once you enter the Novice 2 stage of the MGDL Program. Without having taken an SGI-Approved Motorcycle Training Course, you will need to wait until you graduate into the full M endorsement to qualify for this discount.

Once you’ve passed all 4 exams you get your Motorcycle Learners Licence! Congrats! But getting your learners is just part of the journey, and when it comes to being a motorcycle licence holder there is so much more to know!


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Have questions or want to book your road test? Give us a shout and we would be happy to help!