Top 7 Safety Tips for Rideshare & Taxi Drivers

Top 7 Safety Tips for Rideshare & Taxi Drivers

Rideshare and Taxi drivers work one of the most hazardous jobs in Canada. They are always on the road rushing from one location to the next. They depend on random strangers to generate their incomes and can often have large quantities of cash on hand. Things can quickly get dangerous.

Criminals motivated by easy access to money may attempt to attack and rob drivers. These violent crimes can occur at any time—even during a fare or when the driver is out of the vehicle. It’s important to arm yourself with the know-how to stop troublemakers in their tracks.

Be alert and aware. Even when you are parked, stay mindful of your surroundings. Make sure you are resting between shifts and eating well to help boost your ability to remain alert and aware at all times.

Refrain from flashing money or expensive jewelry. Don’t tempt thieves by waving wads of cash, or nice watches in their face. If passengers try to pay with an obscenely large bill, ask them to get change at a nearby store. Asking you to break a large bill on a small fare could be a thinly veiled probe to see if you are worth robbing.

Make eye contact with passengers. A point-blank stare can intimidate potential thieves and imply that should they attempt a robbery, you will be able to give the police an accurate physical description. Greeting passengers and maintaining eye contact gives you a psychological upper-hand. Thieves are more likely to attack drivers who seem shy or distracted.

Lock all your doors. Open doors serve as an opportunity of luck for thieves. Locked doors protect your vehicle when it is idle, and force you to unlock the doors for every passenger, which lets you get a good look at each customer before he or she enters your vehicle.

Make customers sit within your eye line. Never let customers sit directly behind you in your vehicle—this allows attackers to strike without warning. Ask customers to sit to your right so you can see them peripherally.

Offer no resistance to robbers. If you do become victim to robbers, offer no resistance—give them whatever they demand. Your life is worth more than some cash or your vehicle.

Know your emergency procedures. Almost all taxi and rideshare companies have a written set of emergency procedures—make sure you know yours and that it is up to date and ready in the event of an emergency. If you are robbed or another crisis develops, call the police or your dispatcher immediately. Your dispatcher can call the police and provide the driver’s location while you deal with the situation.

Taxi and Rideshare drivers are an important part of our city, Province, and Country! They play a vital role in the success of our community and we want nothing but the best for all people who work in the transportation industry. If you have questions in regards to vehicles for hire contact one of our 9 locations.