You work hard for your money, and you spend it wisely. Whether your wife agrees or not, your boat is an investment! When you take your boat out on the lake, you’re investing in your lifestyle, you’re investing in fun, and you’re investing in memories!

When it comes to recreational things like boats, theft, vandalism, and collisions are a common threat. Let’s protect what matters most to you.


Products & Coverages


This coverage protects you financially from the pain of a nasty lawsuit. If you’re ever held responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage to a third party, you’ll want a policy to have your back. We highly recommended getting a liability policy especially when operating a higher risk vehicle like an ATV.

Storage Insurance

When your boat is stored away for the winter, even while in your garage or backyard, if there is no policy on it, then there is no insurance. But theft, vandalism, and other risks still exist, and your home insurance might not extend to protect it.

Vermin Coverage

Mice, rats, squirrels, racoons…etc. Those little guys sure can cause a lot of damage! Basic insurance doesn’t tend to cover this common claim for boats. Getting a specific boat insurance policy will make sure your investment is not only protected, but actually protected against one of the most common causes of loss.

Is one or more of these coverages jumping out at you? Get a Quote and find out how affordable good coverage can be.


Life Insurance

Life is short, which is why it’s important to seize each day and opportunity you get. Every time you use your boat, you experience freedom, adventure, and excitement. You’ve worked hard to be able to invest in yourself in this way. You’ve probably also invested in a policy for your boat in the event of a loss.

Have you considered investing in life insurance for you and your family, in the event of a loss? Let’s protect what matters most to you.