Boats & Seadoos

When it comes to boats and seadoos theft, vandalism, and collisions are common threats. Don’t rely on your homeowner’s insurance policy to automatically protect your boat. Ask an advisor about getting protection for your watercraft, outboard engines, their equipment and boat trailers.





The financial burden of a boating accident isn’t just limited to the cost of repairing or replacing your boat. It would help if you also considered the potential expenses of covering damage to someone else’s property and even medical bills that may arise when people are injured. Liability coverage protects you financially if you’re ever held responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage.

Theft or Damage

Having collision and comprehensive coverage will help repair or replace your watercraft if it’s stolen, in an accident, or damaged by a covered peril like fire or hail. Please don’t wait for the storm to happen, be prepared and protect your investment, whether on land or water.

Vermin Coverage

Mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, etc. Those little guys sure can cause a lot of damage! Certain insurance carriers don’t tend to cover this common claim for boats. Ask an advisor if your policy offers protection against vermin today.

Is one or more of these coverages jumping out at you? Connect with an advisor and find out how good affordable coverage can be.


Life Insurance

Life is short, so it’s important to seize each day and opportunity you get. Every time you use your boat, you experience freedom, adventure, and excitement. Have you considered investing in life insurance for you and your family in the event of a loss? Let’s protect what matters most to you.


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