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Your seasonal getaway is the place you go to escape. But while you can escape cell service, traffic, and city lights, you can’t always escape an insurance claim. Interested in connecting with a member of our team of insurance experts?


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Dwelling Coverage

This is the rebuild value of the dwelling, which can include materials, labour, debris removal, and transportation costs. Any permanently installed outdoor equipment on your property, including outdoor swimming pools, is protected under your Dwelling limit in addition to the walls and roof of your seasonal location.

Belongings Coverage

The amount under this coverage is to repair or replace your contents such as clothing, furniture, TV, etc. With protection on your belongings, including your functional items, like your dishwasher and lawnmower, you can rest easy in the event of a loss.

Voluntary Fire Fighting

Depending on where your seasonal is located, you may have one or more volunteer fire departments responding in the event of a fire. If this is the case, you may be surprised by a hefty bill when it’s all over. With Voluntary Fire Fighting coverage, this expense would be covered by your policy. Contact your RM to find out the going cost for your area if the fire department were to respond.

Sewer Back Up

Sewer Back-Up claims are more common in Saskatchewan than fire and theft claims and can cause thousands in damages! Insurance companies define this coverage as water or sewage that accidentally discharges or escapes/overflows from the sewer, sump or septic tank. You can customize the amount of coverage and your deductible limit to what best suits your needs.

Personal Liability

No one likes to imagine being sued. But accidents happen, and if one does occur and you’re deemed negligent, you could find yourself with a hefty settlement. Liability automatically comes with your home insurance, but reviewing your coverage with an advisor to ensure you’re appropriately protected is essential.

Loan Protection

Did you get a mortgage? If you did, you might have also signed up for a form of Life Insurance! Often referred to as Mortgage/Creditor Insurance, this type of coverage is designed to protect the bank if the worst should happen. Find out about the difference in coverage when you have a policy designed to protect your assets and your family.


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