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Don’t let a loss slow you down! From errors & omissions, management, pollution, and cyber liability, to protecting your buildings, commercial vehicles, tools, and equipment, getting insurance that matches the unique needs and risks of a general contractor is essential.



Build the Perfect Plan.

Whether you’re building someone’s dream home, or overseeing a large commercial build, you’ll need to protect your assets. You’ve spent years dedicating your blood, sweat and tears (it’s okay, everybody cries) to get yourself and your business to the level it is today.

Let’s protect what matters most to you.


Products & Coverage

Course of Construction (Builder’s Risk)

Typical commercial building insurance will not cover a building while it’s under construction or substantial renovation. Buildings under construction are subject to greater risks than an occupied building. Construction heaters pose fire hazards and newly constructed walls without doors or windows risk blowing down in wind storms.  A Course of Construction policy, aka Builder’s Risk Insurance, will respond to circumstances such as this.


Contractors Rework

As a general contractor, you are often required to meet very specific contractual and industry standards. In the event that these standards are not met, this coverage could pay the expenses to rewire or replace components, as well as other costs associated to help you make it right.


Wrap Up Liability

Construction sites are complex and busy environments, with multiple contractors all working together towards one common goal. This Liability policy is designed to protect the project and all who are involved such as subcontractors, owners and consultants. As a general contractor, in the event of a claim that is specific to the project, the wrap up liability would be first to respond.


Pollution Liability

Spills, leaks, and overflows can happen overtime, or suddenly without expectation. These risks can affect your own property, as well as the property of third parties. There are a variety of options available for you to protect your business from the cleanup costs, or other damages.


Tools & Equipment

You rely on your tools on a daily basis to get your work done. They are the lifeblood of your operations. Unlike typical industries where your most important business instruments are fixed in one location, yours are always moving with you. With this increased risk, having the right coverage in place is the best tool in your belt.


Commercial Auto

You may have one work truck, a whole fleet of vehicles, or are simply driving your personal vehicle to and from jobs. If this the case, you’ll want to keep these assets insured so that you aren’t left without a ride.


Surety Bonding

Everyone wants to trust the professional they are working with. In many circumstances contract or license bonds are required to be carried by contract or regulatory bodies. With a surety bond, you not only guarantee the quality and completion of your work, but you also give the owner piece of mind, which is priceless. We understand the importance of this, which is why we can help your clients trust that you will complete all projects as intended.


Contractors Errors & Omissions

If your operations include a design build function then you have a professional risk that your CGL won’t respond to. A project is delayed, a client loses revenue or experiences other financial harm due to a professional error on your part, they may seek financial reciprocation from you. Contractors E&O is designed to respond in these circumstances.


Critical Illness & Disability Insurance

Bought insurance to protect all your tools & equipment? What about the most important tool of all… your ability to earn an income? If you become sick, injured, or worse, your business and livelihood could be at serious risk.

Chat with one of our life & benefits advisors today, and make sure all of your most important assets are protected.


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