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Ensure that a loss doesn’t rock your business. From potential mistakes prompting the need for rip and tear coverage and liability, to protecting your tools, equipment, and commercial vehicles getting insurance that matches your unique needs and risks is essential.



Rock-Solid Coverage.

The construction industry can be dangerous, and working with concrete presents its own set of hazards. Running a concrete contractor business can be both physically and mentally demanding. We understand that it’s a constant challenge to deliver exceptional service while maintaining profitability.

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Products & Coverages

Rip & Tear and Rework Coverage

When pouring concrete you are often required to meet very specific contractual and industry standards. In the event that these standards are not met, this coverage could pay the expense to remove the defective concrete, replace any forms and rebar, as well as other costs associated to help you make it right.


Contractors Errors & Omissions

In the event that a client loses revenue or experiences other financial harm due to an error on your part, they may seek financial reciprocation from you. Contractors E&O is designed to respond in these circumstances.


Surety Bonding

Everyone wants to trust the professional they are working with. In many circumstances contract or license bonds are required to be carried by contract or regulatory bodies. With a surety bond, you not only guarantee the quality and completion of your work, but you also give the owner piece of mind, which is priceless! We understand the importance of this, which is why we can help your clients trust that you will complete all projects as intended.


Tools & Equipment

You rely on your tools on a daily basis to get your work done. They are the lifeblood of your operations. Unlike typical industries where your most important business instruments are fixed in one location, yours are always moving with you. With this increased risk, having the right coverage in place is the best tool in your belt.


Commercial Auto

You may have one work truck, a whole fleet of vehicles, or are simply driving your personal vehicle to and from jobs. If this the case, you’ll want to keep these assets insured so that you aren’t left without a ride.


General Commercial Liability

In the event that you are named in a lawsuit, a Commercial General Liability policy will cover costs such as defense expenses, even in the event that you are not held liable. Don’t let a lawsuit be the undoing of all your hard work. Accidents happen, and if one occurs – having a general commercial liability policy is essential.


Critical Illness & Disability Insurance

Bought insurance to protect all your tools & equipment? What about the most important tool of all… your ability to earn an income? If you become sick, injured, or worse, your business and livelihood could be at serious risk.

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