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Renovation Contracting business insurance tailored for interior and exterior projects.

Safeguard your contractor renovation business and valuable assets by obtaining a thorough contractor liability insurance policy. By acquiring construction liability insurance, you can effectively protect your construction business and its assets.

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Commercial Liability ←

If you find yourself in a situation where your products, services, employees, or incidents on your premises or at a customer’s location result in bodily injuries or property damage, liability coverage can provide the necessary financial support. It is important to note that even one seemingly baseless lawsuit can harm your reputation and finances. Safeguard your business by having a Commercial General Liability (CGL) in place.

Tools & Equipment ←

The tools you use to perform your daily tasks are vital and form the foundation of your business operations. Unlike in many other industries, these tools are constantly on the move, which exposes them to a higher level of risk.

This coverage ensures you can replace or repair lost or damaged equipment, tools, accessories, or other property under your care.

Pollution Liability ←

While not all construction projects have a significant ecological footprint, the responsibility for environmental harm is on the rise.

Pollution liability insurance provides coverage for any bodily injuries or property damage sustained by third parties, as well as expenses related to clean-up efforts, civil penalties, and emergency response. This type of insurance ensures that potential liabilities are addressed and mitigated effectively.

Vehicle Insurance ←

The appropriate Commercial Auto Insurance plan can protect you, your vehicle, and the transported items. As part of your work, you likely have vehicles specifically used for commercial purposes.

Commercial auto policies safeguard any vehicle for transporting people, tools, equipment, and materials.


Contractor's Rework ←

The Contractor’s Rework extension protects expenses for rectifying substandard workmanship or materials. It also covers the additional costs of restoring the project to its original condition. How can this coverage benefit you? Suppose a contractor is hired to install drywall panels in a basement, but unfortunately, the materials used do not meet industry standards. As a result, the contractor has to remove and reinstall panels that meet specifications.

Disability Insurance ←

Disability coverage replaces some of your income if you can’t work because of an injury or illness. Up to 40% of Canadians become disabled for 90 days or longer before age 65. Disability insurance can help you meet your financial obligations as the benefit can replace most of your take-home pay. It allows you to avoid dipping into your retirement savings.


Residential and commercial painter services: do you need Painter Contractor Insurance?

Safeguard your painting business by obtaining painter’s insurance. This tailored insurance package is designed to shield painting contractors from the potential liabilities that may arise from bodily injury or property damage. It offers comprehensive coverage for a range of business-related risks.

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House painter painting residential home interior

Why add pollution liability to a Contractors Insurance policy?

Consider this during the process of removing paint from the inside of an older house. If the paint is incorrectly disposed of, it may result in lead poisoning among those living there.

Your pollution liability insurance could potentially cover your legal defence expenses and any settlement mandated by a court as a result of the lawsuit.

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Are you in the Landscaping Business?

In landscaping, whether tackling small residential projects or overseeing expansive commercial spaces, success comes from putting in long hours of physical labour and meticulous preparation. As spring approaches, landscaping businesses prepare for a bustling season dedicated to maintaining their clients’ properties. To safeguard your business, regardless of whether you operate a sizable landscaping company or work as an independent contractor, it is imperative to have insurance coverage in place.


Lay Natural Grass Turfs

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