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Moving? Next steps...

New Job

A new job can be an exciting chapter in your life. Whether you are starting in a new industry or position, or starting your own business, your insurance needs can change significantly. It’s important to review your coverages to make sure that you are covered for the things you need, and not paying for coverages that you don’t.

Health Benefits Plan

  • Every employer is different, which means every job has a different benefits plan. Make sure to adequately review your benefits and consider whether you need to pursue your own policy. 
  • If you are self-employed, your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income. Without disability income insurance you could find yourself in a financial bind in the event you are unable to work.

Life Insurance

  • Often, our life insurance is linked to our benefits at work. What happens if you retire, quit your job, or get laid off? The coverage you had ends. Getting your own life insurance sooner than later can help make sure you have the right coverage, and the right price.
  • If you co-own a business and you were to pass away. Having the correct coverage in place can ensure that your family would be compensated for your portion of ownership in the business.

Auto Insurance

  • If you drive your vehicle for work reasons, your insurance might not cover you if you have a claim. Whether you drive every day, or once a month, if you drive for work it’s important to review your policy to make sure that you are always covered.
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