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Moving? Next steps...

Moving Out of Your Parent’s House?

Independence is amazing, freeing, and scary all at the same time...don’t worry! We made a quick checklist for all the insurance needs you might have.

Tenant Insurance

  • If you are renting, your stuff is NOT covered by the landlord’s insurance.
  • If you cause damage or injury, you NEED liability coverage.

Health Insurance

  • Being independent means you might not be considered a dependant under your parent's benefits plan. Make sure to review their plan so that you don't end up paying for bills that could have been covered if you had your own policy.
  • Every job is different, and some don't have adequate benefits, or even benefits at all! Does your job give you dental, vision, life coverage?

Auto Insurance

  • Plate deductible is $700! Get a $50 deductible so in the event of an accident you aren’t breaking the bank.
  • Lost the use of your vehicle deductible because of a claim? Get up to $2,000 to cover rental car fees.
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