Our top 3 Campfire Recipes

Our top 3 Campfire Recipes

Posted 31/07/2018

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Camping. It’s a classic Canadian pastime, and with so much wide-open space to enjoy, many of us take advantage of the warm summer weather to get out and rough it a bit. But just because you don’t have all the amenities of home, doesn’t mean you can’t eat like you mean it. Read on for a few of our favourite campfire recipes. You just may want to try these next time you head out to camp!

Bush pies:

Bush pies can be savoury or sweet, making them a super versatile camping food. Try them for breakfast (ham or bacon, cheese, and cooked egg), for lunch or dinner (pizza ingredients such as sauce, cheese, meats, and veggies) or dessert (apple, cherry, or blueberry pie filling are some of our favourites, and Sheila recommends adding a layer of cream cheese for a next level treat)! You’ll need a camp cooker, bread, margarine or butter (to keep them from sticking- think grilled cheese!), and the filling ingredients. Once it’s assembled, place in a bush pie iron and hold it over the fire until the bread is nice and toasty.

Banana boats:

A banana boat is a banana split down the middle, stuffed with fillings, wrapped in foil, and cooked over the fire. The peel is left on, providing the perfect vessel for melty, sweet fillings. Try out some delicious combinations like strawberry and chocolate hazelnut spread with mini marshmallows, peanut butter with banana and chocolate, or caramel sauce with crushed salted crackers. Once it’s stuffed, wrap it all up and place it on a grate over the fire until it’s ooey-gooey-good.


S’mores are the classic campfire food. Traditionally, they’re made with a melted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers. While we love the original recipe, you can take your s’mores game even further by adding in flavoured chocolate or salty-sweet ingredients like bacon and peanut butter. If you find that two crackers don’t give you enough surface area to work with, try a waffle cone instead- stuff all the ingredients into the cone, wrap it in foil, and let the fire do the rest!
Mmmmm…camping has never tasted so good!