Trip Cancellation & Interruption


Planning for the unexpected.

Not all of us are spontaneous, wake-up-and-fly-out-of-the-country people. Odds are, your last trip to Hawaii was planned and booked months in advance. It’s normal to book flights, hotels, and excursions in advance. What you probably didn’t plan on was getting sick, having a family emergency, or getting injured before your trip.

Life happens, and if it leads to having to cancel your trip, you may end up losing out on a significant amount of money. With proper trip cancellation insurance in place, some or all of these expenses could be reimbursed back to you.



Products & Coverages

Trip Cancellation

This coverage is designed to reimburse you for non-refundable prepaid airfare or other costs that cannot be recovered from another source, if an “event” occurring prior to your departure date causes you to cancel your trip.

Trip Interruption

This coverage is designed to financially support you if an “event” occurs on or after your departure date, causing you to interrupt your trip. For example: in the event that an immediate family member is hospitalized while you are away, having this coverage in place can help get you home.

Contact one of our advisors before you leave for holidays to find out whether you need travel insurance, and let’s protect what matters most – you and your family.