Whether your wife agrees or not, your ATV is an investment! But an ATV is a unique risk that is not automatically covered by a homeowners insurance policy. Ask our advisor’s how to properly insure your investment so you can get back on the trails faster!





Accidents happen. Liability coverage protects you financially from the pain of a nasty lawsuit if you are held responsible for compensating others for damage to their property or person. We highly recommend getting a liability policy, primarily when operating a higher-risk vehicle like an ATV, for if there is an accident that causes injury or death to someone else or damages someone’s property.

Theft or Damage

ATVs are tough, but nothing is tougher than dirt. Protect your investment against direct and accidental damage due to upset or collision. Add comprehensive coverage for risks such as fire, lightning, hail and vandalism. You face significant risk when you put that ATV away for storage in the winter. We can help mitigate your loss due to theft by having it insured on a policy.

Personal Injury

ATVs are high-risk vehicles. Sometimes personal health insurance may not provide adequate coverage for medical expenses, disability, loss of income or death that results from operating an ATV. The risk of severely injuring yourself while using it is not something to be ignored. Ask an advisor about adding Accident Benefits to your insurance policy to provide coverage to help cover such risks.

Is one or more of these coverages jumping out at you? Connect with an advisor and find out how affordable good coverage can be.


Life Insurance

Life is short, so it’s important to seize each day and opportunity you get. You experience freedom, adventure, and excitement every time you ride your ATV. Have you considered investing in life insurance for you and your family in the event of a loss? Let’s protect what matters most to you.


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