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Dwelling Coverage

This is your primary residence building itself. But your home isn’t just four walls and a roof. Any permanently installed outdoor equipment on your property, including swimming pools, is protected under your Dwelling limit.

Stay safe and protected from thieves and other potential damage. Our organization calculates your dwelling limit using the most up-to-date and comprehensive property information. Want to learn more about how we determine your property’s rebuild value?

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Contents Insurance

Contents or belongings insurance is a specific amount to replace your clothes, furniture, TV, appliances, etc. Our personal belongings might cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace. What homeowners package automicatlly does is include contents based on a specific percentage determined from the dwelling limit stated. This coverage cannot be removed from your homeowner’s policy nor can the amount be decreased. Even if the belongings limit was lowered, it would not save you any money in terms of premiums. However, you can increase the value if you find the limit lacking.

If the building is damaged by fire, it could all be gone instantly. The dilemma arises when your adjuster asks you to provide a list of lost or damaged items when filing a claim. Do what you can to keep a record of your belongings by taking a picture of your closet or a video of you walking through each room. For special items that can’t easily be replaced, ensure you have a more specific record of it for your adjuster, as they will likely offer a cash settlement if no replacement can be acquired. Pictures and receipts of purchases are the ideal way to ensure you are adequately compensated in the event of a loss. Click here to see our downloaded checklist to help determine where to start.

What are Increased Limits? Lastly, it’s important to note that there are limits for particular items for how much your insurance policy will pay in the event of a loss. Review your wording booklet or ask your broker to review the list of unique items that may be limited for coverage. This can include jewellery, bicycles, books, firearms, fine arts, etc. You may be able to purchase additional coverage with Increased Limits if you find it necessary.

Personal Liability

To be liable mean simply that you are found to be legally responsible. If you are liable for injury to someone or found responsible for damage to another’s property, you can be sued for damages. No one likes to imagine being sued. But accidents happen, and if one does occur and you’re deemed negligent, you could find yourself with a hefty settlement. This type of insurance is essential for homeowners because it helps protect them from financial losses that may occur due to a lawsuit. Liability automatically comes with your home insurance, but reviewing your coverage with an advisor to ensure you’re appropriately protected is essential.

While Canada may not be known for outrageous personal liability settlements, the cost of these claims is rising. Ten years ago, a five-million-dollar case may have been rare, but not so much anymore. With inflation on the rise, the compensatory awards awarded to plaintiffs are also increasing. Keep in mind no lawsuit is a quick fix. Some take years for the court to settle, which all adds to the bottom line.

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Additional Living $$

Ever ponder the consequences of being unable to remain in your dwelling during or after a claim? Additional Living Expenses (ALE), commonly overlooked, may become a go-to if you understand its benefits. Simply, it compensates you for costs due to an insurable incident making your home uninhabitable, forcing you to move out temporarily. Suppose your home becomes unlivable due to a loss covered by your policy (i.e. Fire). In that case, your insurance company will help you maintain your current standard of living by compensating you for any additional expenses you incur. Additional Living Expense coverage helps to keep you from crashing on your friend’s couch while your home is being repaired.

What is covered? The key word here is additional. This coverage is not intended to send you on a mini vacation to the Moose Jaw Spa for a week while your home is being fixed. Your insurance policy is designed to help you maintain the same living standard you experienced before the loss occurred. For example, suppose you must rent an apartment across town after a loss and hire a moving company. In that case, your insurance policy will compensate you for those additional moving expenses. Other expenses that your insurance company might cover include additional rent, restaurant meals, kenneling for your pet, and storage fees.

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APEGS Home Program

Members of APEGS have access to an exclusive discounted home, condominium, and tenant protection program. Whether you own your home or are renting, we can provide you with solid coverage at a price that can only be found with Harvard Western Insurance.


Loan Protection

Did you get a mortgage? If you did, you might have also signed up for a form of Life Insurance! Often referred to as Mortgage/Creditor Insurance, this type of coverage is designed to protect the bank if the worst should happen. Find out about the difference in coverage when you have a policy designed to protect your assets and your family.


Additional Coverages Available:

See below for a short list of additional coverages we recommend including for your house insurance.


Service Line Endorsement

Service Line Coverage will assist in digging up your yard and repairing/replacing the damaged pipe. The service line, including replacement costs, covers the expense if they rupture or need to be replaced under your property line, as is your responsibility. Service Line Coverage will assist in digging up your yard and repairing/replacing the damaged pipe. This coverage is not available if your home is under construction or vacant.

The service line definition can include the exterior underground piping and wiring, including permanent connections, valves or attached devices. This includes communication lines, internet access, drainage, electrical power, waste disposal, water, and heating, such as natural gas lines. Please note that sprinkler system pipes and any piping or wiring underneath a body of water, such as a swimming pool, are not covered. Review your wording booklet and discuss it with your advisor for a complete list of exclusions.


Water Protection

If you’ve never experienced a sewer backup or overland water claim, knock on your neighbour’s door; odds are they have. Water claims are more common in Saskatchewan than fire claims and can cause thousands in damages! Water Protection or Comprehensive Water is a bundled coverage containing Overland Water & Sewer Backup.

Overland Water

Insurers refer to ground flooding as overland flooding. If the water touches the ground before entering your home, it’s overland flooding, and most home insurance policies don’t provide coverage. Generally speaking, Overland Water coverage protects you from damage caused by excessive rain, overflowing rivers, spring run-off, and melting snow. It usually excludes damage by saltwater, including tidal waves and tsunamis. However, this coverage cannot be added to your policy unless you have Sewer Backup.

Sewer and Drain Backup

Root growth, blockages, or even breaks in pipes exiting your home can cause backups in kitchens, laundry rooms, or bathrooms. A standard home insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage automatically, but you’ll often be able to purchase coverage as a rider to your policy. Sewer backup coverage protects you from loss or damage to your property caused by the rupture or escape of water from a sewer, drain, sump pump, or septic system. Remember that coverage doesn’t extend to the sewer pipes outside your home. Your policy only covers damage to your home itself if you have coverage for sewer and drain backups. This coverage can be added separately from the above flood coverage with various limits available. Review your risk areas with your broker and help us determine the right amount of coverage for you.


Home Systems Protection or Home Equipment Breakdown (HSP)

It is rare for you to notice your home system or appliance when it’s working. That is, until something breaks, leaving you with a costly repair bill. Your furnace, air conditioner, or electrical wiring – all home systems and appliances are designed to run for you. But like all things, sometimes they break. Equipment breakdown is defined as a sudden and accidental mechanical breakdown, electrical breakdown or bursting, cracking or splitting of the appliance.

If the damage was a result of rust, corrosion, deterioration, or gradual loss of efficiency or functionality, then HSP will likely not respond to provide compensation. To review the full list of may be covered, exclusion and age range to determine if the settlement is a replacement or a depreciated cash settlement, please review with your broker. Every insurance company has different guidelines and rules, so we recommend reviewing the information in context to your insurance provider.



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