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Protect your RV camper or utility trailer with customized Auto Insurance.

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or using a trailer to get the boat to the lake, get tailored coverage for your specific needs. Check out SGI Canada’s guide to unlicensed trailers and vehicles: download pdf.

Click on one of the below topics to unpack your auto insurance for your trailer:


In Storage Coverage

When your trailer is parked for the winter, if there is no policy on it and the plates are inactive, there is no insurance. But theft, vandalism, and other risks still exist, and your home insurance will not extend to protect it. So, what are you supposed to do to keep it covered? Put an Auto Pak policy on it.

Do you plan to leave your RV at a rented site for the summer? If you’re not planning to drive it, you can cancel your plate registration and have your auto insurance protect your camper. If your trailer is already insured on an auto policy when you cancel your plates, ensure you discuss a change in coverage with your broker if you plan to stay in the camper for the duration.

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Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage is for basically everything that isn’t a collision. These types of losses covered by this insurance include fire, theft, wind, hail and vandalism. Package policies let you have comprehensive deductibles as low as $50, so you still have coverage after you let your plates expire. Did I mention it covers theft? Your homeowner’s policy will not respond if your trailer is stolen from your property. With comprehensive coverage, you rest easy this winter if the Grinch comes to visit you.

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Lower Deductibles

If you’re responsible for a collision or hail that damages your car, consider getting a package policy with basic plate insurance. This way, you can lower your deductible to a less-expensive amount, making it easier to cover the repairs that may need to be done.

Lower your deductible
Pay a little extra monthly to lower your deductible if you have a claim.

Increase your deductible
Pay a little less every month by choosing a higher deductible.

Waive your deductible
You may not have to pay your deductible in some situations. Ask your broker for details, but some examples are:

  • Fire, lightning and theft
    If you have comprehensive coverage, you won’t have to pay a deductible when your entire vehicle is damaged from 1 or more of these risks.
  • Wildlife Collision
    Suppose you have comprehensive or specified perils coverage. In that case, you won’t have to pay a deductible when your vehicle is damaged due to hitting or being hit by an animal.

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Personal Liability

Are you looking to protect yourself financially from a potential lawsuit? Look no further than our Auto Pak coverage, which can increase your liability limit. Increasing your liability limit can help protect you financially from the pain of a nasty lawsuit. If you are accused or found responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage, you’ll want more than the basic $200,000 plate limit.

We highly recommend increasing your liability limit, especially for newer drivers, because statistically, new drivers may be at a higher risk of causing an accident.

Are you renting a site to park your RV for the summer? Don’t forget to ask to extend your liability from your homeowner’s insurance to cover the site location in case of any accidents.

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Voluntary Fire Fighting

Depending on your RV or camper’s location, you may have one or more volunteer fire departments responding in the event of a fire. If this is the case, you may be surprised by a hefty bill when it’s all over. With Voluntary Fire Fighting coverage, this expense would be covered by your policy up to the limit stated on your policy documents. Contact your RM to find out the going cost for your area if the fire department were to respond.

For example, if you live in the Qu’Appelle area, their community page offers the rates of the services to help you determine how much coverage you may need.


Loan Protection

Our Loan Protection coverage is not a one-size-fits-all style policy. Our personalized policies translate to better coverage and premiums that are, on average, 30-50% lower than traditional Creditor Insurance. We can offer you the following:

  • Non-commission dedicated advisor with industry experience.
  • Regular touchpoints with your advisor to ensure that your plan is working for you.


Get the perfect coverage for your trailer.

Every trailer is different, and so are your insurance needs. That’s why we offer a variety of insurance markets to help you find the best coverage that fits your specific needs, such as SGI Canada, Sandbox Mutual (SMI), to Portage Mutual. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter insurance – get the perfect coverage for your trailer today.

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Understand your plate registration declared value.

Trailer registration fees and insurance premiums are based on class and trailer type. However, it is up to you to advise on the trailer’s value for your registration. The declared value for the plate registration impacts price and coverage. For example, if the trailer suffers a total loss, the amount payable to the insured is the lesser value of:

  • actual cash value (ACV) or;
  • declared value

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Protect yourself and your adventures, not just your trailer.

Don’t let an accident ruin your next adventure. With trailer insurance, you’re only covered for damage to the trailer itself. You’ll need additional insurance for your belongings and yourself. If you’re injured while travelling outside the province, consider purchasing Emergency Medical coverage. For your contents and belongings, discuss a coverage extension with your tenant, condo, or home insurance advisor.

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Get customized insurance and expert advice on insuring your trailer. Rest easy knowing you have the coverage you can trust.

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