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Antique vehicle plate insurance is different from average stuff. For one, it’s cheaper, but it also doesn’t value your vehicle the way it should be. Want to connect with an auto advisor to ensure your classic has the protection it deserves?


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Agreed/Stated Value

Agreed Value is the value that your vehicle will be insured for based on the proven value of your vehicle, as determined by both you and the insurance company. Appraisals, photos, or other relevant documentation will determine the vehicle’s value. You will provide these to the insurance company so they can get a big-picture look at your classic. With Agreed Value coverage on your policy, the insurance company will guarantee that they will pay this agreed-upon value in the event of a covered total loss.

Flatbed Towing Perk

Your classic deserves to be handled with care. When you are a Hagerty Drivers Club member, you get flatbed towing from pick up to destination with soft nylon straps.

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In Storage Coverage

Your classic or antique probably isn’t a daily driver. When your vehicle is tucked away in storage, it’s important to remember that it could still be at risk of a claim. Theft, vandalism, and other threats still exist, and your home insurance will not extend to protect your vehicle. A package policy will, though.

Collision Coverage

This coverage is exactly what it sounds like, and you have this coverage whether you own a policy or have plates. This coverage will respond if your vehicle collides with another, a post, or a snowbank. If you’re responsible for a collision when you only have plate insurance on your vehicle, you have to pay a $700 deductible! With a package policy, you can lower your deductible to an amount that’s a little more budget-friendly. How does a $100 deductible sound instead?!

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage is for basically everything that isn’t a collision. These types of losses covered by this insurance include fire, theft, wind, hail and vandalism. Package policies let you have comprehensive deductibles as low as $50. I mean, when was the last time we had a wind or hail storm in Saskatchewan…

Loan Protection

Did you finance your vehicle? If you did, you might have also signed up for a form of Life Insurance! Often referred to as Mortgage/Creditor Insurance, this type of coverage is designed to protect the bank if the worst should happen. Find out about the difference in coverage when you have a policy designed to protect your assets and your family.


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