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Preparing Your Home for Fall & Winter

Harvard Western Insurance - It's That Time of Year Again
With a change of seasons comes a change in scenery. You can look forward to beautiful fall colours, refreshing evening breezes, and your favourite comfy sweater. But it is also the opportune time to spend a weekend preparing your house for fall and winter, which often brings more extreme weather. Here are some tips to get your home ready for the colder months ahead.
  1. Clear out the gutters
    Remove leaves and other debris from your drainpipe and gutters
    to prevent clogging.
  2. Blow out sprinklers
    Outdoor faucets should be drained in the fall, and sprinklers
    blown out.
  3. Clean the fireplace and chimney
    You can clear out ash and charred wood from the fireplace yourself,
    but leave the chimney cleaning to a professional. Have the chimney
    cleaner check the damper to ensure it can be tightly closed to
    prevent drafts.
  4. Check the heating system
    Do a survey of your home’s heating vents to make sure they’re
    not blocked or covered by furniture, carpeting, or curtains.
    Dust vents and clean all filters.
  5. Store air conditioners
    If you have removable window air conditioners, be sure to unplug
    them before taking them down. Dust and clean before covering
    or storing.
  6. Check for drafts
    Stay warm, save energy, and reduce your heating bills this fall by
    examining windows and doors for cracks and sealing them to
    prevent drafts.
  7. Alarms
    This is a good opportunity to test your smoke and carbon monoxide
    detectors, and to review your fire escape plan.

(Source: Reader’s Digest)

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