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Happy Trails to You!

When the temperature drops some people rush inside for hot cocoa, warm socks, and Home Alone marathons. But for many the snowfall brings the promise of adventure. Snowmobiling is a way of life here in Saskatchewan, so to help make sure your passion is properly protected, we’ve broken down what you need to know about sled insurance.

Snowmobile insurance is really made up of 3 parts: the liability, the damage to the unit, and coverage for yourself if you get hurt. Do you have all the coverage you need?
If you’re going to be driving the unit on any public roadway (where permitted) or Crown land, you have to register the unit. Once you’ve done that, you have the trail permit and you’re legal to go. However, the insurance provided by the registration is quite restrictive- it only provides $200,000 Third Party Liability, which may not be high enough for your needs.  You should also be aware that plate coverage does not include damage to the snowmobile or personal injuries.

A policy is where you get all the additional coverage that you really need. These coverages include physical damage (coverage for things like collisions, thefts, or both), higher liability limits, coverage while the unit is stored, and personal injury coverage like disability and injury benefits. Perks like lock rekeying and search and rescue can be added as well.

Coverage for your personal injury and lost wages can be purchased on a policy, or you may already have sufficient coverage through another plan. Call us to set up a free review of your existing disability and life insurance to ensure you’re covered. Think of this coverage the same way you do your helmet- it protects you where it matters most. 
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From Harvard Western Insurance, have a safe and snowy sled season!