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Cover Your Classic

While most of us would be hesitant to refer to ourselves as “antique” at the age of 30, once our vehicles hit that milestone we can do just that. If you’ve got an antique or collector car, read on to learn more about the various insurance coverage options available to you.

Antique Vehicle Plates

If your vehicle’s model year is 1987 or older and it isn’t your primary use vehicle, you can register it as an antique. The benefit of antique registration is a reduced price, but owners of antique vehicles should be aware that the physical damage coverage is limited to just $800. This means that after the $500 deductible is applied, the most your plate insurance will pay out is $300.

Stated Value & Package Policies

A package policy provides a couple of additional options to top up your antique plate insurance. The first option is to purchase a standard auto policy to build on the antique plates, which will provide a higher limit of physical damage coverage (up to the actual cash value of the vehicle). The second option is to insure with Stated Value coverage, in which the insurer agrees to a set limit as determined by an appraisal. As always, these policies provide lower deductibles, more coverage options, and higher liability than the standard plate coverage.

Collector Car Insurance

If you have a restored classic car, a modern collectible car, or just want coverage tailored to those who love their antiques, a collector car policy is perfect for you. These policies are underwritten by the classic car experts at Hagerty, and provide guaranteed value coverage, roadside assistance, endorsements tailored to your collectible, and expert claims handling.

If you have an antique or collectible car that will be hitting the road this summer, give us a call first and make sure your insurance coverage hasn’t gone out of style.
Curious about what your vintage vehicle may be worth? Check out this handy valuation tool from Hagerty: