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Campfire Safety 101

Spending an evening around a campfire is one of the sweetest summer experiences, but an out of control campfire can quickly turn your dream camping trip into a nightmare. Read on to learn some valuable tips for being campfire safe from St John’s Ambulance:
  • Always check with local authorities on open-air burning restrictions, read up on local burning regulations, and keep up-to-date on fire bans in the relevant area.
  • Choose a campfire location that is downwind and away from your tent and belongings, standing trees and stumps, and forest debris.
  • If you can, dig a pit about a foot deep and/or build a circle of rocks around the fire to help keep it contained.
  • Get rid of any debris like twigs and leaves within a three-metre diameter area around the campfire site.
  • Avoid the use of liquid fire starter.
  • Avoid burning in windy conditions.
  • Keep the fire under surveillance at all times; NEVER leave a campfire unattended.
  • Keep your fire at a manageable size by ensuring it doesn’t get out of control.
  • Keep sand, a bucket of water, and a shovel nearby at all times.
  • When you are ready to extinguish your campfire, allow the wood to burn completely to ash, if possible. Pour lots of water on the fire and stir the ashes and embers with a shovel.
  • If you do not have water to extinguish the fire, use dirt. Mix dirt or sand with the embers. Continue adding and stirring until all material is cool.
  • Check the temperature of the ash before leaving your fire. Remember: if it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave!
Following these simple steps can
ensure your fire is contained and safe.
Check out our blog for some delicious campfire recipes!

From everyone at Harvard Western Insurance, have a safe and toasty summer!