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Insurance Coverage for a Hobby Farm

As people become more concerned about the foods they eat, hobby farms are becoming more and more popular. If you are planning to grow food for your family and not for added income, your homeowner’s policy will cover some of your farming pleasures.

What is a hobby farm?

Hobby farmers have a full-time job or another source of income. They keep a farm strictly because they enjoy it or find it necessary for health or self-sustainability. Along with a garden, they might keep chickens on the farm to supply them with fresh eggs.

Do I need a farm owner’s policy?

If you plan to sell your wares or have expensive farming equipment like tractors and ploughs, you need a farm owner’s policy. Structures like barns and riding arenas are also often excluded from a traditional homeowner’s policy. Along with protecting your equipment from theft and your building from perils like fire, a farm owner’s policy also provides you with added liability coverage should you have visitors or become involved in business trade.

Farming Endorsement or Rider on a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

A non-commercial hobby farm might benefit from a farming endorsement or rider. This type of endorsement will add or expand the coverage of your homeowner’s policy. It is less costly than a farm owner’s policy and will cover things like planting and gardening equipment and small structures like workshops or chicken coops. You’ll also get added liability coverage with this rider. Special packages are also available for personal horse farms and ranches.

Our farm insurance experts know how to find the right coverage that suits your farm because they are farmers too.  Connect with one of our local advisors to find the coverage that is right for you.

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